• by Gami Ortiz


    The idea here is that worship isn’t confined to a particular time or a particular place or even a particular activity. It implies that at any given moment, I am worshiping something. The question then is, what am I worshiping?

  • by: Bill Davis


    Why should you worry about the math teacher who’s holding graph paper? Because he’s likely plotting something! Or, did you hear about the math student who was afraid of negative numbers?  She stopped at nothing to avoid them. Okay, queue a big groan for the bad math puns.  But jokes aside, there’s some actual bad math I encountered the other day that is worth some attention.

  • by: Paul Briggs


    There are people in our lives we naturally expect will never disappoint us. Whether because of a commitment they have made or a belief they espouse or a position they hold, there are certain people we expect will not fail us...