The local church is vital in spiritual growth, and we take discipleship very seriously. We believe that God wants all of us to be growing into maturity. But this doesn't happen on our own. We need the help and support of the body of Christ to push us toward Christlikeness. At Kossuth, we seek to meet this need for every single person, regardless of your age, your spiritual background, or the unique challenges you may be facing. If you want to get connected to the discipleship ministries at Kossuth, get started below.


Because we take discipleship seriously, we work hard to connect people to people so that we can help one another grow in Christian maturity. This takes place in a number of different ways, both formal and informal. We want to see each of our members taking the next step in following Jesus and helping others follow him as well.

Youth & Children

We believe God has entrusted parents with the primary responsibility for teaching and training their children. Our desire as a church is to come alongside parents to equip, encourage, and support in that awesome task. Toward that end, our goal is to provide excellent children's ministries as well as training and resources for parents.


We consider it a privilege to be located in a university town, and we seek to make the most of that opportunity by investing into the lives of students. We believe that through intentionally equipping these young people to follow Christ, the church can be a formative influence in one of the most pivotal and transitional seasons of life.

KSBC Pipeline

This is the path of discipleship laid out at Kossuth. Regardless of where people fall within this line, there is something for you to grow and continue to mature in Christ.