• by Daryl Starr


    The Bible commands us to join the proclamation of Jesus Christ. We are to proclaim the gospel to every people group (ethne.) We are to work with others to gather disciples into indigenous, reproducing churches. This is done so that God will be glorified and the people blessed. I like to think of heaven like a band with each ethne playing a different instrument, in harmony, for His glory. Let us praise Him!

  • by Paul Briggs


    As I have contemplated the changing of the seasons, it has caused me to think about the power of God who rules over the changing of the seasons and has engineered the ever-changing, multicolored spectacle enjoyed over the past several weeks.

  • by Gamaliel Ortiz


    We also want to place ourselves in situations where we have the opportunity to influence and speak truth in love. It’s hard to do that effectively outside of meaningful connection. That’s why one of our values is that “relationship is the bridge on which the gospel travels.”

  • by Abraham Cremeens


    No human experience most exposes our fallen world than a reason to grieve. Every funeral I attend stirs in me the same response: this is not how it is supposed to be.