• by the Elders of Kossuth


    We other elders thought we’d kick off the weekend to share a few thoughts, in no certain order, of one thing that each of us has learned and appreciated from getting to walk alongside Abraham in his pastoring. Which of these resonate with you?

  • by the elders of Kossuth


    If you were in the service Sunday morning, May 7th, you heard the announcement that the Cremeens family is relocating. It’s always a bittersweet thing to entrust a beloved pastor to another flock, but as much as our hearts will miss the Cremeens, we celebrate with them in their next chapter.

  • by Mikel Berger


    My father passed away on November 22, 2011. By my count, I’ve had at least six friends have a father pass away in the last year. Each situation was different. But it certainly made me realize I’ve entered a new season of life. 

  • by Gami Ortiz


    The year 2022 was a rough one for the Ortiz family. We experienced four significant losses, each bringing up buried thoughts and emotions from years of loss after loss. This led to a very different sort of January for our family as we sought to better process those hurts and griefs.