• by Abraham Cremeens


    We are excited to continue to be the church God has called us to be while seeking out opportunities to connect with other churches in appropriate ways. While we continue to value the autonomy of the local church, we also want to avoid being an island.

  • by Gami Ortiz


    Sometimes it’s easy to become inwardly focused when we’re in times of trial. It’s a natural reaction. There’s a sense of preservation that kicks in. However, it’s clear from these instances in Acts that God often uses these times of trial as opportunities to advance His kingdom through us.

  • by Paul Briggs


    The differences in the start of this academic year compared to the many previous years are stark. So as the new semester begins, we want to ask you to be praying. I don't just mean thinking, I mean praying. Praying earnestly.

  • by Will Peycke


    My tendency is to want my questions answered before I leave the starting blocks. But living by faith often means moving forward without knowing how things will turn out.