• by Abraham Cremeens


    This past Friday, Indiana Governor Holcomb announced a five-stage plan to gradually open up our state. The elder team met over the last day and a half to pray and consider what is best for us as a church family.

  • by the Elders


    We posted an initial list of “Questions You May Be Asking” on March 19. Here is a second round of questions we’ve heard from some of you more recently.

  • by Steve Wilson


    Even as we await the end of the Covid-19 pandemic and its disruption to our lives, it should pale in comparison to that earnest longing we ought to have for the day when Christ gathers saints from all around the world and from the whole scope of time in true and perfect worship.

  • by Will Peycke


    The thing about gifts is they have to be unwrapped before you can fully discover and enjoy them. But I often leave God’s gifts sitting on the table, wrapping paper intact.