• by Abraham Cremeens


    I find there is a tension in many Christians’ hearts regarding how to respond to encouragement and affirmation.

  • Guest post by Joanne Maulding, KSBC Women's Ministry Team


    Imagine you are in a crowd of women. The speaker says to the crowd, "Raise you hand if you would feel comfortable to mentor a woman younger than you." Think about that. Would you raise your hand? 

  • by Bill Davis

    It’s been said that “blarney” is flattery that’s so thin we like it, but “baloney” is flattery that’s so thick we don’t believe it. However you measure it, flattery can sure distort how we see things. I think the flattery we believe most is the kind that comes from ourselves.

  • by Abraham Cremeens


    I am deeply excited about the Elder Team of Kossuth Street Baptist Church not only because these five men are my friends but also because of the ways we have learned to work well together.