• by Abraham Cremeens


    It has been a tumultuous week in our country. Believing all problems in our world somehow come back to a misunderstanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I’ve wondered this week how the gospel speaks to ethnicity and racism.

  • by Will Peycke


    I used to think the only people who wore masks were bad guys and superheroes, but now everyone is wearing them. And, as odd as it looks and feels, there seems to be a good reason for it. 

  • by Abraham Cremeens


    I have made a concerted effort throughout this pandemic season never to say, “When we get back to…” because it suggests this was a stalling period – a blip on the map of our travels in life. But to make our only goal to “get back” to something suggests a “good old days” mindset that misses the point.

  • by Mikel Berger


    I actually don’t think God intends for us to have a playbook. Maybe we should stop looking for one. We are going to have to figure out the steps we take to navigate life just as we did before COVID. We look in the Scriptures. We pray to God. And He answers!