• by Bill Davis


    What does an oily beard have to do with being in quarantine?  No, no, we’re not talking about me not shaving during this shelter-in-place season. I’m talking about a different beard, and how it reminded me of a recent video call while in our community quarantine.

  • by Mikel Berger


    One of the long time global partners that Kossuth has had is Andrea Artioli in northern Italy. Andrea’s ministry was one of the very first in our circles that was impacted by COVID-19.

  • by Abraham Cremeens


    After a helpful and timely series on church life, I am excited for us to return to the Gospel of Mark this Sunday. It has been a significant journey so far since we began in September of last year, and I am eager for us to jump back in at this crucial halfway point in the book.

  • by Mikel Berger


    Our partner in global orphan and vulnerable child care is celebrating an anniversary this year. Bethesda Outreach is 20 years old in 2020. Kossusth has partnered with Bethesda from the very beginnings of the children’s home in gospel-centered and family-based care for the most vulnerable.