• by Will Peycke


    A recent conversation reminded me of one of our values as a church that is easy to overlook or misunderstand. For years, Kossuth has believed the corporate worship gathering is for all ages—for children as well as for adults. But what does that look like in practice?

  • by Abraham Cremeens


    Joseph's brothers were certainly accountable for their sin. Yet in a bigger and mysterious way, God had designed something through their sin that brought his goodness to Joseph, the people of God, and even the surrounding nations. God is that big.

  • by Abraham Cremeens


    This past Sunday during Family Gathering, we as elders rolled out several proposals related to our current constitution. It is our desire that we more clearly define what we believe from the Scriptures and more clearly articulate how to best function as Team Kossuth.

  • by Mikel Berger


    This Sunday, we move to a single Sunday morning worship gathering starting at 10:30 am instead of two separate gatherings. I need to set my alarm 15 minutes earlier than I have been. Not that big a change, right?