• by Will Peycke


    Do you ever worry about messing up? I do. Or perhaps more accurately, I worry about the consequences, the “what might happen” if I mess up: losing time or money, disappointing someone, damaging a relationship, or just being embarrassed or laughed at. Falling isn’t so scary, but hitting the ground is.

  • by Bill Davis


    We had a great dog when we were early married, B.C. (before children). This was one of those cool, athletic dogs who could easily catch a frisbee in mid-air leap. She was an absolute nut for fetching a tennis ball. If you’ve ever had such a dog, then you’re familiar with the steely gaze the animal fixes on your hand when you have the ball. The best ones don’t easily fall for the fake-throw… their eyes simply remain riveted to the master’s hand in muscle-tensed anticipation.

  • by the Elders


    Happy Friday! We trust you have had a great week and are gearing up for an awesome weekend. In order to keep you in the loop as much as possible, the elders would like to share a few updates from last Sunday’s last Family Gathering.

  • by Stephen Weinkauf


    I thank God for you, church family. I thank God that Kossuth is a church that is grounded in Scripture, seeks to gather well for His praise, strives to stand side-by-side for the faith of the gospel as you seek to help each other grow, and that you seek to serve in this community and in your own circle to advance the gospel. I also thank God that you seek to minister in these ways to our college students.