• by Will Peycke


    If I asked you who bears the primary responsibility for the spiritual development of children, what would you say? Most of us would probably answer, “The parents.” But if I asked you what is the primary way parents carry out that responsibility, what would you say? Take them to Sunday school? Look for teachable moments? Try to be a good example?

  • by Abraham Cremeens


    Time in God’s Word is never wasted time. And yet the craziness of life can often lower it as a priority. I get it. I struggle, too. The balance of marriage, children, friendships, church, fun, and work with our personal walk with God is difficult to maintain. 

  • by Abraham Cremeens


    We love beginnings. A new school year is beginning after a good break over summer. And, while kids as well as college students may not be overly excited about homework again, it is a pleasant experience to reunite with friends, have a fresh start to learn, and look forward to the first football game of the year.

  • Guest post by Timothy Weeks


    In our summer Connection Hour class, we have been exploring how members of the Church, God’s called ones, are to relate to each other. I would like to briefly explore how this topic of “one anothers” is related to the Church’s primary mission of fulfilling the Great Commission. I could state the question like this: “How does the gospel affect the Christ-follower’s relationship with others?”