• by Bill Davis


    Even in our modern age of so-called enlightenment, advanced science, and even growing atheism, our American culture remains saturated with people who believe “in God.” The Pew Research Center concluded a study earlier this year that reports a full 80% of Americans believe in God. Is this the faith and belief we’re talking about?

  • by Mikel Berger


    Orphan care is on my mind a lot lately. I was not an orphan as a child. My wife, Jessica and I, have never adopted or fostered a child. Why for the last decade or so has it been on my mind and not left it? I think because the care of orphans is on the mind of God.


  • by Abraham Cremeens


    Every Christian would agree that time in God’s Word and prayer is essential for spiritual health. Yet it can be a significant battle to maintain such practices. Or, maybe you keep those disciplines in check only to find them mundane and boring. In both cases, the problem is not with God or his Word, but with us and our pursuit.

  • by Will Peycke


    If I asked you who bears the primary responsibility for the spiritual development of children, what would you say? Most of us would probably answer, “The parents.” But if I asked you what is the primary way parents carry out that responsibility, what would you say? Take them to Sunday school? Look for teachable moments? Try to be a good example?