• by Stephen Weinkauf


    This semester in our Friday night meetings at Salt & Light Christian Fellowship, Kossuth’s ministry to college students, we’ve been focusing on Paul’s prayers in the New Testament. We hope to grow as a group dedicated to prayer in our discipleship and outreach.

  • by Abraham Cremeens


    This past Sunday, I took the opportunity at our Family Gathering to look back a bit over 2018. We have experienced a lot of things worth celebrating this year, and we also acknowledged some heartaches. I realize 2018 has almost come and gone. Where does that leave us? I think we are in a good spot as a church family, and here is why…

  • by Bill Davis


    Even in our modern age of so-called enlightenment, advanced science, and even growing atheism, our American culture remains saturated with people who believe “in God.” The Pew Research Center concluded a study earlier this year that reports a full 80% of Americans believe in God. Is this the faith and belief we’re talking about?

  • by Mikel Berger


    Orphan care is on my mind a lot lately. I was not an orphan as a child. My wife, Jessica and I, have never adopted or fostered a child. Why for the last decade or so has it been on my mind and not left it? I think because the care of orphans is on the mind of God.