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Abram’s Tent and an Altar

Genesis 12:10-13:18

Paul Briggs

September 16, 2018

In the book of Genesis, we find elements of the narrative regarding the life of Abram (and those who follow) that are...., well, nothing short of shocking. One of them is found in today’s passage. Even here at the beginning of the unfolding of the plan of redemption being worked out by God through his servant, Abram, our understanding is grown that God “ and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness....” (Exodus 34:6). God is faithful to his own purpose and promises, even when his chosen servants fail.

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God has a purpose for this world that he designed before time began. God called Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob into that plan and gave them promises to hold onto as they took steps of faith in active obedience. We also fit into God’s purpose as we walk by faith to wherever he takes us. Ultimately all of our stories point to the glory of God as he fulfills his plan in this world.

The Psalms of Ascent (Ps 120-134) offer us help on the journey of our lives as we walk with God through the good times and bad. These psalms help us approach God in worship via avenues of lament, thanksgiving, praise, and celebration. They lead us into worship on the journey: bringing who we are (transparency) to who God is (confidence) together with God’s people (community).  

In Titus, we find the fundamentals of a healthy church. God is clear that the church must have biblical leadership, a growing understanding of God’s Word, and a pursuit of godly living. 

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