• by Will Peycke


    In the sermon last Sunday, I addressed the importance of "family as church" as a key building block of faith for the next generation. To those of you who are already living out Psalm 78 in your home: thank you. I thank God for you! And I thank God for the privilege of serving and supporting you as you “tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord” (Psalm 78:4). But if talking about God or his word in your home is a challenge for you—or if reading the Bible with your kids sounds a bit daunting—may I suggest a simple framework for living out “family as church” in your home? All families have some sort of daily and weekly rhythms. So here’s my encouragement to you.

  • by Drew Humphrey


    Sometimes I wonder what on earth is going on with this world. One of those times was a few evenings ago when I (finally!) got around to watching one of the most acclaimed films of 2015, Spotlight.

  • by Abraham Cremeens


    “Dear God, please be with So-and-so during their surgery tomorrow.” Have you ever prayed those words? I have. Plenty of times. We care about someone and the hardship they are walking through. In our heart’s concern we naturally pray. We should. God invites us to do so. We know their greatest need is that God would be right there, present with the person in their difficult moment. So, we ask God to be with the person which naturally includes all else we would want him to do (guide the doctors as they perform the procedure, protect from infection, heal the body, etc.). “God be with…” serves as an overarching umbrella and, in effect, says, “God, do your thing.” However, I would like to suggest that such words fall short of accuracy. There is a better alternative to consider.

  • by Drew Humphrey


    Getting our questions answered is easier than ever. This morning I was wondering how many stairs there are in the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. And in the time it would take you to snap your fingers, I had already found out.