• by Mikel Berger


    I recently read a book by an FBI hostage negotiator and listened to an interview of a military interrogator. The common thread between the two is the use of empathy in their jobs. Empathy isn’t something I associate with either the FBI or the military. They are fascinating.

  • by Abraham Cremeens


    I cannot believe we are nearly done with our sermon series in Psalms of Ascent. It has gone by too fast. However, it has been such a rich journey. These psalms have spoken to me in very deep and personal ways and I trust they have for you as well. I would like to share some thoughts I’ve had along the way. Let me begin with an analogy.

  • by Paul Briggs


    Over the past 18 years, in periods ranging from several days to a week, God’s people from various churches (from as far away as Pennsylvania and Virginia!) have sent teams to assist the staff of Salt & Light Christian Fellowship (SLCF) to be prepared for the arrival of the new international students.

  • by Abraham Cremeens


    I wanted to share a few updates and clarifications in this week’s post. There are a lot of great things happening at Kossuth, and the elders want to keep you in the loop as much as possible.