• by Mikel Berger


    The parable of the Good Samaritan is one of the more commonly known passages of the Bible. You can search the Internet and pretty easily come up with dozens of recent news stories that reference a “Good Samaritan” that in some way helped out a neighbor.

  • by Paul Briggs


    It had been building for quite some time, certainly for well over a month. A subtle increasing sense of pressure. Nothing I couldn’t live with, mind you. Then one day the pressure became a dull pain. I could live with that, as well. But it began to concern me. So I reached out for help.

  • by Bill Davis


    When I’m in the thick of it, and really desire help or a resolution to my circumstances, where is my focus? Almost always it’s also on “the thick of it.” That’s a very natural response. But like many aspects of the Christian life, God’s economy is paradoxically inside-out. When our problems are directly in front of us (or all around us), God often calls us to a different perspective.

  • by Abraham Cremeens


    Have you ever been enjoying a meal with an old friend only to be interrupted mid-bite by someone passing by who knows your friend but not you? As they engage in a lengthy conversation, you sit and observe and toy nervously with the eggs and bacon on your plate.