Year-End Offering

November 19, 2021


Dear Kossuth Friends and Family,


When was the last time you planted a seed and watched it grow?


Seeds really are amazing things. One kernel of corn can grow into a stalk producing multiple ears of corn, each containing hundreds of new kernels. I recall the wonder in my children’s eyes as the first bits of green started poking through the dirt in that cup or jar on the window sill, and they saw their science experiment come to life.

Jesus liked to talk about seeds. Jesus used seeds to illustrate the word of God (Luke 8:11) and the children of God (Matt 13:38). He compared both faith (Matt 17:20) and the kingdom of heaven (Matt 13:31) to seeds. He even said his own life was like a seed (John 12:24).

Paul wasn’t talking about agriculture, of course, but about giving: “planting a seed” by giving to someone else, trusting God to grow that “seed” into a bountiful harvest of benefit to others and praise to God.


I want to connect that imagery of financial giving as a “seed” with the little “seeds” growing up in our church family: our children. As every parent knows, children grow up much too fast, right before our eyes. And yet, it can be easy to forget that each child is like a seed: perhaps small and easily overlooked now, but filled with potential growth and fruitfulness. To shift the metaphor a bit, we also have the opportunity to plant “seeds” in them, seeds that also may seem small now but can produce incredible fruit over the course of a lifetime. 


Our 2021 Year-End Offering is an invitation to “plant seeds” in two different ways this year, both related to our children.

Planting Seeds for Life-Impacting Camp Experiences

As a result of our Midweek scholarship program, a record number of children and teens from Kossuth have attended Twin Lakes Camp over the past three years. We are grateful for this ministry and for the “seeds of faith” being planted in young people through Scripture memory as well as summer camp experiences.


Additionally, Kossuth’s Engage ministry to support vulnerable children and foster care has identified an incredible opportunity to extend such scholarships to foster families in our Lafayette community. Children who are in foster care get a fun week of summer camp and exposure to the good news of Jesus, while foster families gain helpful respite as we support their efforts.


Instead of continuing to increase the operating budget line to fund these scholarships, we want to invite you to invest in this opportunity directly through the Year-End Offering. The goal of $20,000 will continue providing 50% scholarships for Kossuth families (20-25 per year) as well as full scholarships to foster families through Kossuth’s Engage ministry (5-10 per year) for the next two to three years.


Planting Seeds for Life-Impacting Ministry Space

The recent building revamp project brought a fresh update and increased functionality to the foyer, nursery area, and second floor of our building. It only takes a brief walk through the basement classrooms to recognize this part of the building is long-overdue for an update as well.


After funding the camp scholarship initiative described above, we want to put all additional 2021 Year-End Offering gifts toward eliminating the mortgage on the recent renovations to propel our plan to move into “Phase 2” of the building revamp project: the basement children’s ministry space. Our goal is to transform the basement into a kid-friendly space that is warm, bright, and welcoming with larger classrooms, an easy-to-navigate floorplan, and increased visibility and security.


We are grateful that the church had to borrow significantly less than anticipated to complete Phase 1. Even so, if we only make the scheduled payments, it will take eight years to pay down that debt. Wiping out a big chunk (or all!) of the mortgage through the Year-End Offering will accelerate our timeline for beginning work in the basement. The faster we pay down Phase 1, the sooner we can start Phase 2.


Thank you for prayerfully considering these opportunities to plant seeds in our church’s young people. We pray for these seeds to grow our youth through our Midweek scholarship program, grow our impact in serving foster families and vulnerable children, and grow our readiness to transform our vital children’s ministry space. If you would like to give toward these goals, you can use the link below, or designate your gift "YEO" and drop it off at the church office.


Thank you in advance for your generosity! May the Lord of the Harvest “supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness.”


On behalf of the elder team,

Will Peycke

Pastor of Family Ministry

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