The King and His People:

An Eyewitness Account

The King's Birth

Luke 2:1-21

Jon Keisling

February 11, 2024

God has fulfilled his promise to provide a savior.

The King's Prophets

Luke 1:57-80

Jon Keisling

February 4, 2024

Because God is faithful to his promises, we should respond by believing them
regardless of what is going on in our life.

The King's Promises

Luke 1:26-56

Jon Keisling

January 21, 2024

At the end of our lives, when each individual piece of our lives is weighed in the balance, we’ll learn that what we’ve been able to accomplish will not be what satisfies us. The only things that can satisfy are things that come from God. The only things that are able to satisfy are the things that God gives us. 

The King's Herald

Luke 1:5-25

Jon Keisling

January 14, 2024

The passage of Luke that we have for today helps us deal with God’s seeming silence. It’s a recounting of the many ways the Lord displays his kindness to his people even when he seems distant to us. We learn that when it seems God is giving us the silent treatment or that he just doesn’t care, we must remember that
He always does good to his people. We learn that he does us good in that he hears, he speaks, he disciplines, and he delivers.

The King's Account

Luke 1:1-4

Jon Keisling

January 7, 2024

This short introduction is chocked full of information about what Luke is writing about and why. In short, Luke wrote his gospel to show the gospel is biblical, to verify the gospel’s claims, to provide an orderly account, so that all this might encourage faith.