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Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount to his disciples so that we might know him as Savior and King and live joyfully in his kingdom. As his disciples and citizens of his kingdom, we are given a new identity by faith in Christ. Jesus calls us to radical repentance and countercultural living, but we can only respond well by the grace found in our relationship with him.

Living in Joyful Obedience

Matthew 5:17-20

Abraham Cremeens

October 2, 2022

Jesus now offers a thesis statement before teaching on radical repentance. He cares about the heart and reminds his disciples of his role and their role. He came to fulfill the Scriptures and change human hearts. Out of that, we live in joyful obedience to him.

Salt & Light

Matthew 5:13-16

Chad Moore

September 25, 2022

True followers of Jesus do not just partake in an exercise of mental ascent but rather experience a complete heart transformation. The result is that God, the Father of Lights, is within us. We then shine, not by our own power, will, or might, but because He is in us.

Kingdom Living Part 4

Matthew 5:9-12

Paul Briggs

September 18, 2022

King Jesus is clear from the very beginning of his ministry:  the proclamation of the countercultural kingdom life will bring a blessed opposition to anyone who remains faithful to the business of the king.

Kingdom Living Part 3

Matthew 5:7-8

Abraham Cremeens

September 11, 2022

At this midpoint, Jesus offered two more ethics of grace. Mercy and purity in heart are key expressions of our new identity in Christ. They are how God advances his kingdom. In a world that encourages living for yourself as number one, Jesus instead calls you to fix the eyes of your heart on him and others.

Kingdom Living Part 2

Matthew 5:5-6

Will Peycke

September 4, 2022

The first two beatitudes prepare the way for the next two. Once we see ourselves accurately and mourn our poverty of spirit, it changes how we treat others. Spiritual poverty (toward God) creates a meek and gentle spirit toward others. In a similar way, recognizing our poverty of spirit and mourning our sin and the sin around us creates an intense hunger and thirst for the righteousness we don’t have but desperately need. 

Kingdom Living Part 1

Matthew 5:3-4

Abraham Cremeens

August 28, 2022

At the very start, before Jesus offered any command, he assured us of his grace in our lives. He pointed not to our ability but our inability. It is the spiritually unable who are given entrance into his kingdom. Therefore, our obedience and radical response to this sermon are not accomplished by us alone but in prayerful dependence on him.

Live from your New Identity

Matthew 5-7

Abraham Cremeens

August 21, 2022

These sacred words of Jesus are paramount to your life. How you read them matters as well. Jesus didn't offer a moralistic gospel as a checklist for Christinity by which to earn God's favor and blessing. He explained what life looks like as the new creation in Christ that you are. As we begin this study, prepare your heart to live out of that new identity he has given you.

Trusting God with our Identity

Matthew 3:13-4:11

Chad Moore

August 14, 2022

King Jesus displays His love for us through His obedience and submission to the Father, demonstrating to us that our identity is secure as children of God.

The Cost of Discipleship

Luke 9:57-62

Gami Ortiz

August 7, 2022

As we get ready to explore the Sermon on the Mount and what Jesus says about Kingdom Living, let's look at Jesus' interaction with three men who were potential disciples. How he answer them gives us good principles as a foundation for Kingdom Living.