He is For Us

Romans 8:28-39

Pastor Abraham Cremeens

March 18, 2018


God is sovereign in his love and care for us as his people. He is for us and has determined to bring us safely home. He is for us in our circumstances, in the midst of judgment, and in his love. His primary good for us is in making us more like his Son, Jesus Christ.


The Reign of Grace

Romans 5:12-21

Pastor Abraham Cremeens

March 25, 2018


In his rebellion against God, Adam ushered in the reign of sin and death. That reign affected not only his life but also every life that was born after him (minus Jesus). It was and is a deadly reign that brought with it the consequences of sinfulness, condemnation, and death. However, King Jesus ushered in the reign of grace. The results of his work brought grace, righteousness, and life to all who would put their trust in him.

New Life

Romans 6:1-14

Pastor Abraham Cremeens

April 1, 2018


We love life and yet God loves life even more. He is the giver of life. It is clear that by our union with Christ we die to ourselves and are raised to new resurrection life in him. We access him and new life by faith alone in Christ alone. In that union we are given a new identity and an ability to do life God’s way, in a daily worship of him.