Our church is led by a team of elders who share the responsibility of shepherding the congregation. They do this primarily through teaching, praying, equipping, counseling, and caring for the organizational leadership of the church. Although some of our elders are also full-time staff members, all elders share the same authority in their pastoral role.

Mikel Berger
Paul Briggs
Abraham Cremeens
Bill Davis
Gami Ortiz
Will Peycke


Our staff team is responsible for carrying out the daily tasks and operations of the church's ministry. Each staff member has a focused area of service, but all work together to carry out the vision and mission of Kossuth.

Abraham Cremeens
Will Peycke
Gami Ortiz
Donna Wilkinson
Dan Harmeson
Ninoska Jones
Chad Moore
Jeremiah Stevens


Deacons are appointed to serve the church by assisting the elders in various areas of practical need. Our deacons are organized into ministry teams depending on how the unique skills and gifts of the individual align with the areas of need within the church. Our deacons serve the church generously and sacrificially on a volunteer basis.

Bill Bolander
Bob Maulding
Grant Gudeman
Trent Kilgus
Kirk Odell
Chris Siebern
Daryl Starr
Dean Zimmerman