Pursuing Alignment with God

Life requires U-Turns. Some big and some small. The book of Jonah is full of them. We're all walking on a path that is the wrong way, but by his grace, God turns us around 180 degrees on a path towards him. In light of this, in the book of Jonah we'll be focusing on four themes; the nature of God, the response of people, the mission of God, and the person of Christ.


Jonah 1:1-16

Abraham Cremeens

May 12, 2019


As we begin our study of Jonah we will trace out several matters related to reversals, the changes we need to make in order to align with God and his will. At any given moment every one of us can identify some areas of our lives that are not aligned with God. Each day offers opportunity to course correct for God’s glory and our own good. At the end of the day, however, we see that the reversals we pursue are dependent on the great reversal God worked in our lives through our Savior Jesus Christ.


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Reversals and Prayer

Jonah 1:17-2:10

Abraham Cremeens

May 19, 2019


Jonah caused quite the mess and it was his own fault. His choice to disobey God and go in the opposite direction found himself in the heart of a stormy sea. However, this finally brought him to a place where he cried out to God in prayer. He came to a place in his heart where he could celebrate his God who reversed his condition from death to life. He then responded with gratitude, commitment, and worship to the God who saved him.


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Radical Reversals

Jonah 3

Stephen Weinkauf

May 26, 2019


The Book of Jonah has been full of turns up to this point, and it doesn’t slow down. Chapter 3 presents us with a few jaw-dropping reversals as Jonah pursues obedience, the Ninevites pursue repentance, and God relents of his judgement towards them. In this passage we’ll look at the radical messenger that Jonah is, the radical message he shares, the radical repentance from the Ninevites, and the radical salvation God brings them.


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Pursuing Alignment with God's Heart

Jonah 4

Stephen Weinkauf

June 2, 2019


What happened to Jonah? He seemed to have repented in chapter 2, then in 3 he followed God, but not he is angry at God. He may have aligned his behavior with God’s will, expressed in his obedience, but his heart is still unaligned with God’s heart. So when God acts in a way that Jonah didn’t want him too, it went against Jonah’s Idols, he responds in great anger! But God keeps him! God is gentle in his rebuke, but it speaks volumes to Jonah and to us.


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