Christmas 2016


The Incarnation in Matthew

Matthew 1:18-2:23

December 4, 2016

Pastor Drew Humphrey

This week, we kick off our 4-week Christmas sermon series looking at the Gospels and how each one presents the incarnation. We begin with Matthew. Although there are numerous things that catch our attention in his narrative of Christ’s birth, perhaps the most significant is how frequently Matthew speaks of Old Testament prophecy being fulfilled. Why is that such a big deal? And what does it tell us about God’s redemptive plan? This week we’ll consider these questions as we seek to learn more about the Savior we celebrate during this season.

The Incarnation in Mark

Mark 1:1-15

December 11, 2016

Pastor Drew Humphrey

Why does the Gospel of Mark contain no details about the birth of Jesus? Is it because Mark is indifferent toward the incarnation? Is it because he’s a Scrooge who doesn’t like Christmas? No, the reason Mark contains no birth story is because Mark wants to emphasize a truth about Jesus that transcends his human birth. Mark wants his readers to see that Jesus is the Son of God. This week we’ll explore that theme and see what it means for us as Christians.

The Incarnation in Luke

Luke 1:5-2:20

December 18, 2016

Pastor Abraham Cremeens

Jesus is the long anticipated Savior. Luke goes to great lengths (literally) to show that anticipation and build up preceding the arrival of the our great and mighty Savior. He has come. He has arrived. Rest in him and celebrate him for all of his mighty works.

The Incarnation in John

John 1:1-18

December 25, 2016

Pastor Will Peycke

In the incarnation, the Son of God became a human being so that human beings could become children of God. God took on human flesh so that we could know him—and so that through us, others could know him, too.