Pastor Drew Humphrey

An average contemporary reader who happens to stumble across the book of Ezekiel by accident might be excused for concluding that the guy was totally nuts. In the course of his ministry, he did some utterly bizarre things. Like eating a scroll. And laying siege to a brick. And lighting some of his hair on fire. And preaching to mountains. And all of that’s just in the first few chapters. But Ezekiel wasn’t nuts. Ezekiel was a messenger of God. And God had sent him to a rebellious people not only to tell them the truth but to show them as well.

Glory in Exile

Ezekiel 1

January 7, 2018

Creatures with four faces. Wheels with eyes. A rainbow radiating from a throne. These are just a few of the bizarre sights Ezekiel saw in a divine vision while with his people in exile in Babylon. What does it all mean? What was God trying to communicate? These aren't easy questions to answer, but when we understand the context in which Ezekiel saw these things, we can start to make sense of it all.

When the Script Gets Flipped

Ezekiel 2-3

January 14, 2018


Your life is going nicely. Things are playing out according to plan. But then something unexpected happens. Your direction suddenly changes. You find yourself in a place you never planned on being. What now? How do you embrace the uncertainty of this plot twist in your life with boldness and confidence? The prophet Ezekiel faced something similar, and he helps us see how we can be faithful in unexpected places.


Warning Signs

Ezekiel 4-5

January 21, 2018


In a series of vivid visual performances, Ezekiel warned to God's people about the unpleasant realities of the judment awaiting them and their homeland. For those of us looking back on these dramatic presentations, we might wonder, "Are these warning signs intended for us, too? Does God want us to be afraid of his wrath?" By understanding Ezekiel's message in light of God's ongoing story, we can find the answer to these questions.


Go Tell It to the Mountains

Ezekiel 6-11

February 4, 2018


When God told Ezekiel to prophesy against the mountains of Israel, it was because he had a message that ws directed toward all of his people. And what was that message? A message of severe, unrelenting judgment as a result of the corporate idolatry of an entire nation. These chapters help us see what makes corporate idolatry so deadly and what we should do about it.


The Eyes and Ears of the Heart

Ezekiel 12

February 11, 2018


They have eyes, but they don't see. They have ears, but they don't hear. That was God's complaint against his people, and it pointed to the true source of their spiritual blindness and deafness: a rebellious heart. This lesson in spiritual anatomy reveals that the greatest need facing us is something that only God can provide: a complete heart transplant.


Rogue Leaders

Ezekiel 13-14

February 18, 2018


Called to be spiritual shepherds, the prophets and elders of Ezekiel's day instead turned out to be selfish charlatans. They stood upon a hollow authority, they pursued an opportunistic agenda, they portrayed a misleading image, and they compromised themselves with divided loyalties. In so doing, they help alert us to the dangers of spiritual leaders who go rogue.


God's Love Story

Ezekiel 16

February 25, 2018


At a time when his people were questioning his love for them, God told them a story. It was a brutally honest story about all the ways they had gone wrong. But it was also a remarkably hopeful story about God's intention to stick with his people in spite of their sin. The story may have originally been for the Israelites, but it's as much for us as it was for them.


Is God Fair?

Ezekiel 18

March 4, 2018


Nobody likes to be punished for a crime that someone else committed. The Israelites were no different. Stuck in exile, feeling the heavy weight of God's judgment, they couldn't help but think that they didn't deserve the hand they had been dealt. Was God truly being fair? Maybe you've asked that same question before. If so, God has an answer.