Mission begins with God. He has initiated an unstoppable plan to renew our fallen world and rescue his wayward creatures. And he has graciously invited the church to participate in this mission with him by loving our neighbors and making disciples of all nations. We believe, therefore, that we are not meant to stay within the comfotable confines of the church. Instead, we're meant to scatter into all parts of the world, taking the good news of the gospel wherever there is a need. Mission mobilizes us to confront the brokenness, injustice, and spiritual darknessof our world with the hope of Jesus Christ.

Mission Near

For most of us, mission starts in our own backyard. We have been placed where we are in the Greater Lafayette community for a reason, and as a church we want to be redemptively involved in all aspects of the life of our city. We do this formally through partnership with local organizations such as the Excel Center, Oakland Elementary School, and Lighthouse Recovery Home. We also do this informally by mobilizing our members to be faithful ambassadors of the kingdom in the places they live, work, and play. Through these efforts we seek the good of our city and strive to be loving neighbors.

Mission Far

One of the church's most important responsibilities is to go into all parts of the world, taking the good news of Jesus to all peoples and nations. Toward that end, we are actively engaged in sending global workers and partnering with those who are actively engaged in advancing the gospel around the world. Some of our key documents and policies are available below.