Covid-19 Response Update

Last updated:  May 27, 2020

As we consider our plan to gather together in person again, we have considered what our state officials have offered in the "Back on Track Indiana" 5 stage plan, of which Stages 1-2 have already concluded.  While the Indiana plan does allow unrestricted gathering for churches, the rest of our community remains cautious about the unknowns of virus spread.  In an effort to love our city well, Kossuth is aligning our plan with what Indiana has recommended for non-church groups along with a small buffer of time from Indiana's plan stages.  We will endeavor to apply wisdom to make any appropriate adjustments as needed to reflect adjustments from our state and local authorities 


This page will serve as a reference point on Kossuth's plan to keep you informed as we progress through this coming season.  Any changes or updates to our plan will be posted here.  Please continue to interpret all these details as tentative.  Proverbs 16:9 teaches us, "The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps."  May we all continue to pray for collective wisdom and guidance for ourselves and for those in authority over us.

Our Plan for Gathering Together

While we will continue to offer a live stream for the foreseeable future (accessible through YouTube and Facebook Live), we are excited to start two on-site worship gatherings beginning May 31, one at 9a and another at 11a.  We see two on-site gatherings as a temporary solution for this season only and will resume to one worship gathering on-site when appropriate to do so.

We are implementing several precautionary measures to make these on-site gatherings as safe as possible: marked seating to enable social distancing, a sign-up to ensure we remain within appropriate capacities, cleaning and sanitizing in between gatherings, encouraging masks for everyone who attends, and other precautions as we deem appropriate. We have also determined to require masks for adults while singing for the first three Sundays we are back in the building (May 31, June 7, and June 14). In keeping with state guidelines, those who are at higher risk are currently encouraged to continue participating via the live stream option at home. 

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Anticipated Kossuth date

May 10

May 31



Indiana "Back on track" target date

May 4

May 23-24

June 13-14

July 4

Max Groups/Crowds




no restriction

Worship Gathering

Live Streaming from Auditorium

Two Sunday Gatherings: 9a / 11a (gym overflow)

Two Sunday Gatherings: 9a / 11a

One (or two?) Sunday Gathering: TBD

Connection Hour

Live Zoom

Live Zoom







(11a only)

Nursery and 2's class (11a only)


Resourcing parents remotely

Resourcing parents remotely

Resourcing parents remotely

3's and 4's-5's classes (11a only)


Online groups




International Ministry

Live Zoom





Questions?  please contact or phone 765-448-1620