We Asked, You Answered: Transition Survey Responses

By Mikel Berger


The elders would like to express our gratitude to the 75 individuals and families who participated in the recent pastoral search survey. Your feedback and insights are invaluable! This blog post will summarize the key themes and sentiments that emerged from your responses.



Many of your responses echoed the importance of passionate and gospel-centered preaching. Kossuth is looking for a lead pastor who loves God's Word and preaches with clarity and conviction to edify the body of Christ. Several of you voiced the desire for a preacher who continues to point us to Jesus and keeps the gospel at the core of our worship and teaching.



One significant theme from the survey was the desire for a pastor with strong leadership qualities. Several of you expressed the need for someone who can focus on God’s vision for our church. He must lead with integrity and be able to manage and delegate responsibilities, helping us to grow in our faith while nurturing and equipping other staff members and volunteers.


Discipleship and Care

Several of you emphasized the significance of discipleship and pastoral care. You expressed the need for a pastor who prioritizes equipping members in their spiritual growth. The support of community group leaders in their key shepherding ministry is vital. The desire for a pastor who cares for all ages and walks of life, from children to senior adults, was also a common theme.


Team Building and Delegation

Your survey responses highlighted the importance of a pastor who can build teams and delegate responsibilities. Several of you expressed concerns about staff burnout, suggesting that the lead pastor should focus on delegating and managing. Rather than attempting to do too much himself, he will need to equip other staff members and volunteers to carry out ministry. Several of you voiced the desire for a leader who could encourage, train, and provide accountability and alignment to foster a healthy and thriving church body.


Prayerful Dependence

Throughout the survey responses, it was evident that our church values prayer. We are seeking God's guidance in this crucial process. The elder team was encouraged by the number of you who expressed your commitment to pray for us as well as for the deacons, the discernment team, and the future pastor. You make it a joy to be a pastor! Let’s continue to unite in prayer, seeking the Lord's wisdom and trusting in His perfect timing and provision.



Thank you for your heartfelt engagement and valuable insights. Your voice matters, and the elder team is committed to carefully considering all of your feedback. We sought to incorporate your survey input in the position posting and job description we just finalized. 


One other reminder: finding a new pastor is not just about filling a position. It is about seeking God's will for the future of our church. Together, as we trust his leading, we can anticipate the new chapter God is preparing for Kossuth Street Baptist Church.



Please continue to pray for all your church leaders. Let’s remain united in prayer, supporting one another, and eagerly awaiting the arrival of the pastor God will provide for us. God has great things in store for our church as we walk this journey together.


Below is a word cloud generated from all survey responses.