Two Weeks

by Chad Moore


Two Weeks….


It is hard to believe that we are only two weeks into a new semester at Purdue. It seems like we should be rounding the corner on October, not September. 


These last two weeks have kept us busy planning, preparing, and engaging new and returning students from all over the world! We began our month of August with a quick leadership training retreat with 20 students from our SERVE team, where we planned and prayed through how God would have us best serve the students that would be arriving this August. During that period of time we systematically worked through teaching and preparing to teach the whole Gospel of Mark in a little less than 2 days.


We are now seeing the fruits of those two days:

  • We have 7 student-led Bible Studies underway.
  • We completed 16 days of outreach and engagement activities on campus.
  • We completed our first on-campus worship night (Light Night) last Friday. We have seen a great response so far and are excited as we walk through Genesis this semester.
  • We have talked with students who have previously had little or no exposure to the church or the Gospel. (We are beginning to see that a new unreached people group may very well be a generation of young people who have never heard about Jesus, the church, or have any knowledge of the Bible, even though they have grown up here in the US.)
  • We have been able to connect with over 180 students. We are praying that those connections turn into long-term relationships.
  • We have connected with students from at least seven different nations.


As we continue forward toward our goal of seeing students become fully devoted followers of Jesus, would you join us in praying for our Bible Study leaders who are on the front lines in this great task as they engage our students each week:

  • Abby Foy
  • Alex Weber
  • Anthony Bass
  • Bethany Price
  • Cam King
  • Ethan Gutwein
  • Glorianna Gutwein
  • Johanan Daniel
  • Micaiah Gottfried
  • Sam Lechlitner
  • Ty Slack
  • Wyatt Edwards


We also ask that you pray for all of our SERVE team members who faithfully have given and are giving up countless hours to share the Gospel, engage the campus, and to open their dorms, apartments, and homes to build relationships with students. We are only two weeks into the semester; we have only just begun!