Team Kossuth

by Abraham Cremeens

We have a rallying cry in our home: “Team Cremeens!” We use it when we circle up to pray before heading out for the day or after accomplishing something together. We are always “Team Cremeens” as we do life together as a family.

As a church family, we are “Team Kossuth” because we are “Team Jesus.” While different from one another in so many ways, we function as one spiritual family united in Christ. Just as Team Cremeens goes about life together in certain ways with important rhythms, it is the same for Team Kossuth. And all along the way we aim to improve how Team Kossuth functions together as one.

Constitution updates may fit in the bucket of mundane for many of us, but this is an essential conversation for us to live together as Team Kossuth. If all 350 of us went about church life in 350 opposing ways, that would be chaotic and would certainly hinder our growth and mission. However, 350 of us in lock-step toward growth and mission leads to greater fruitfulness. Articulating clearly what we believe together and how we will function together aids that fruitfulness. It is a stewardship regarding what we are about and how we go about it and the glory of Christ is at stake.

This past Sunday during Family Gathering, the elders rolled out several proposals related to our current constitution. It is our desire that we more clearly define what we believe from the Scriptures and more clearly articulate how to best function as Team Kossuth. We received some great feedback from you (thanks!) and want to keep the conversation going.

First, please review the proposal. Since Sunday, we have added in two articles in our Statement of Faith. One is a new statement regarding God the Father. It’s absence was brought to our attention during a Welcome to Kossuth class and, after reflection, we determined we should add a specific article on God the Father. The other article is an update to the current statement on Separation. We would like to update the language as well as bring some clarity. The current statement receives the most questions during Welcome to Kossuth in relation to our Statement of Faith.

We have also made some adjustments on the logistical pieces since Sunday after receiving your valuable feedback. Thanks so much for helping to improve on this important document. 

Second, access the recording from last Sunday's Family Gathering. We as elders explained our reasoning behind proposing each change. Viewing that interaction (18 minutes) will help you process the document if you were not able to attend last Sunday.

Third, please help us keep the conversation going. Future blogs will unpack our statements on the Father and Separation. We would also value interaction with you between now and the targeted vote during Family Gathering on May 2. You can email us at with any feedback and/or questions.

No church is perfect, and Kossuth is no different. Therefore, there is always a call to grow, change, and improve to the glory of God as a stronger and more effective Team Kossuth. So, please join us as we engage this conversation together as one church family. Prayerfully review the proposal, participate in the conversation, and seek unity as an ever-growing Team Kossuth. Great things are ahead.