So Much to Celebrate

by Abraham Cremeens


As I write, my screen tells me it is 62 degrees outside. There is plenty of sunshine streaming through my window. I can hear birds chirping. It’s spring. We made it! February has passed.


Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy winter in its own way. I’m giddy with a big snowstorm and sledding. I start listening to Christmas music way too early. My wood fireplace is a life-line. But we have a saying in my house, “Never, ever, ever make a major life decision in February. Never.” Winter is exhausting. But now it is March, and I am glad.


That is where my thoughts are on this lovely day. But my greater joy has nothing to do with weather and everything to do with Jesus. With each Spring comes a pivotal highlight. We are some thirty days away from Resurrection Sunday, and we have so much to celebrate. Amid your kid’s baseball season ramping back up, your picnics and park playdates, your spring break trips and family vacations, remember the special season this is. We really have so much to celebrate. Here are some things to look forward to.


Palm Sunday

On Sunday, April 10, we will celebrate Palm Sunday with a focus on our mission as disciple-makers. Our time in God’s Word that morning will focus our hearts to that end. I remain grateful that, in our midwest location, friends and neighbors are still open to reading the Bible or attending a worship gathering with us at a mere invite. And this is even more the case at Christmas and Easter. I’m eager to see what God will do in us and through us.


Good Friday

We will also meet on Good Friday (April 15) for a special worship gathering at 6:00 pm to remember that our Lord killed death through his own death. This has been a key theme throughout Hebrews so far in noting Christ as our perfect sacrifice. Under the Old Covenant, animals were sacrificed again and again. There was a lot of blood because there was a lot of sin. But then Jesus offered himself on the altar of the cross as a perfect sacrifice once for all his people. It was a definitive moment that concluded the old sacrificial system. Jesus’s blood was sufficient in place of our blood that should have been spilled. That is what makes the Friday of our Lord’s death a good Friday for us.


Resurrection Sunday

Every Sunday is special and crucial. It is a privilege to gather week after week in our worship gathering. I don’t take that for granted. But Resurrection Sunday (April 17) offers a climax in our Christian calendar. A special delight comes with the explicit reminder that Jesus conquered death and shared his victory with us. We are about one month away from that grand party with so much to celebrate. How can you prepare your heart now for that holy day? Do you get as excited about this Christian season as March Madness? You should.


Who’s Your One?

God’s design for the church is replication. The Gospel was never meant to stop with you; it is always on the move is it bears fruit and increases through you. Prayer is key in that. And so is initiative. I invite you again to be all in by reaching out to one person. Evangelism isn’t treating people like projects. It isn’t a marketing campaign. It is inviting people into a saving relationship with the risen Christ and to join the celebration. Let’s bring people to the party.


If you are like me, life can be quite chaotic with a flurry of activity. Before you know it, you wake up, it’s Easter, and you have no idea what happened over the previous 30 days. But it doesn’t have to be that way. What is one thing you can do to focus on the death and resurrection of Jesus, the greatest event in human history? It could be family Bible reading or personal reading through one of the Gospels. It could be connecting weekly with a friend to pray for each of your "ones." Whatever it is, let us together prepare for the party ahead because we really do have so much to celebrate.