Season of Prayer

by Jeremiah Stevens and Will Peycke

Last week's post introduced our season of prayer and the prayer guide for June 6 - July 3. You can access the prayer guide here or pick up a printed copy in the foyer this Sunday. Here is the introduction to the prayer guide to encourage you in prayer this week:

Thank you all for coming together this month to seek the LORD and wait eagerly to see what He will do! Prayer has always been central to God’s relationship with His people (Genesis 4:26; I Kings 8:22-53; Luke 5:16; etc.) and at the forefront of His people’s life and work in this world (II Chronicles 20:1-23; Acts 6:4; Colossians 4:2-4; etc.).  

As we move past a difficult year and prepare for what the LORD may have for us next, it is an especially fitting time to pause, acknowledge our dependence on Him, thank Him for what He has done already, and pray and dream expectantly together with Him and with each other for our future.

Each day includes some Scripture to read and reflect on, along with some ideas to kickstart your praying. Those ideas are intended as a starting point, not an ending point.  Start with the Scripture, consider the starter ideas, and then pray as you feel led, down as many rabbit trails as your time and imagination allow. Each day, you are encouraged to make a brief note of something specific you prayed for, so you can be on the lookout for God’s activity in those areas of your life and our life together.

If you are able, consider doing some planned fasting this month. We fast because we want God. We want His name known and His will done more than we want our stomachs filled. Abstaining from food is not prayer-magic, but it does help us to get in touch with our own weakness, the fleeting nature of things “under the sun”, and God’s all-satisfying sufficiency. It is one way we can use our bodies to lead our minds and hearts into prayer. Hunger pangs become reminders to pray. (And yes, this is true even though our minds are clouded by low blood sugar; the power in prayer is God, Himself, not our clear-headedness.)

Again, we invite you to join us in prayer this month both individually and with others in our church family. Pray with your family at home. Pray with your Community Group and Discipleship Group. Pray together with others from your church family (in person or online) at our Wednesday prayer meetings. And together, let's look forward with anticipation to see what God's Spirit will do.