Questions You May Be Asking

by Abraham Cremeens

In this unique season, we wanted to take some time to answer questions you may have. None of us have lived through something like this, so we are taking it one day at a time. However, there are some decisions we have made so far that are important for you to know.

Questions You May Be Asking

  1. When will worship gatherings and other ministries in our church building resume?
    A: This remains uncertain at this time. The CDC recently reported that non-essential gatherings over 50 people should be discontinued for the next eight weeks. Staff and Elders are working under that assumption unless we hear otherwise from governing authorities.
  2. In the interim, will you continue to provide the virtual worship gatherings?
    A: Yes, we are glad to continue to provide that alternative option. You can expect that, Lord willing, every Sunday until we return to worshiping together on-site. The video link will be posted to each Sunday morning.
  3. How can I give my offering each week?
    A: Please mail a check to the address below (we are still checking mail regularly) or give online at We have also launched access to the Church Center app (available for Apple or Android) which you can use for information about Kossuth as well as online giving.

    Kossuth Street Baptist Church
    2901 Kossuth Street
    Lafayette, IN  47904
  4. Are we still paying our missionaries during this season?
    A: Yes. The office is continuing to fulfill our financial commitments to missionaries we are partnered with.
  5. Are the elders and staff team still meeting?
    A: We have been meeting, and will continue to meet, primarily via online video calls.
  6. How should I contact the elders and staff during this time?
    A: Feel free to contact any of us directly. Otherwise, email, or call the pastoral on-call number (765-237-9608).
  7. Is the church office still open?
    A: The office is open only for limited hours. The building is closed to on-site visits, but you can still email or leave a voice mail at 765-448-1620. Your call or email will be returned as soon as possible.
  8. Can I reserve the church building for a private event or ministry opportunity during this time?
    A: The building is closed for the time being except for staff and necessary church operations. This will be adjusted once the governing authorities direct us otherwise.
  9. Are we still paying our hourly employees during this time since work hours have decreased?
    A: Yes. We are taking care of our Administrative Assistant and Custodial Staff during this time regardless of hours worked.
  10. How will we help people from our church family who are affected financially through this?
    A: We have already begun a conversation as elders and with our Benevolence Deacon. We realize needs will arise, and we will work to meet those needs in the best way possible, as we have always sought to do. However, we simply do not know at this time what exactly is ahead. If you are financially impacted to the point of nearing problems, or if you know someone in the church who is, please contact us directly to give us a chance to talk with you.
  11. How should I communicate a financial need that I have or may have in the near future due to this pandemic?
    A: Please reach out via or the office phone number at 765-448-1620 so we can get you information about our benevolence process.
  12. What if I need to speak with a pastor for prayer, encouragement, or pastoral counseling?
    A: Please reach out via, the office phone number at 765-448-1620, or the pastoral on-call number at 765-237-9608. We are functioning as normal and would be glad to connect with you over the phone or a video conference call.
  13. How will we minister to kids and teenagers during this time?
    A: This can be a challenging season for families, but it is also a reminder that the family is God's primary design for discipling the next generation. We are communicating directly with parents about ways to continue "church at home" by providing resources, coaching, and online groups. 
  14. How can I connect with others from Kossuth during this time of social distancing?
    A: We are encouraging Community Groups and Discipleship Groups to continue to connect via phone calls and video conference calls. If you would like to connect with a group, please let the church office know, and we will work to connect you as soon as possible. 

You may have questions that we haven’t addressed here. If so, please let us know. We want to keep you informed as much as we can.

God bless you, Kossuth!

The Kossuth Elder Team: Abraham, Bill, Gami, Mikel, Paul, and Will