Pastoral Search Update

By Mikel Berger


During our family gathering last Sunday, Bill Davis gave an update on the search process for a new lead pastor. Below are a few notes I took during the update to pass along to you all.


When we learned of Abraham’s resignation, the remaining elders met multiple times to discuss the leadership dynamics for our church. We eventually drafted a job description. We sought input on those conversations and that job description from the deacons and about ten other ministry leaders. Together we are calling that group our Discernment Team. This is not a search committee, per se. We believe the elders are the pre-selected search committee because that office cares for and protects this particular flock of God. But the elders believe there is wisdom in receiving input and being influenced by multiple other voices that depend on God through prayer. So that team has given feedback on the job description and will also play a role in reviewing any potential candidates before a church-wide process.


The job posting has been out for several weeks, and we have received about 30 applications up to this point. We used and asked you all to use personal networks to source candidates. We’ve received multiple that referenced a connection to Kossuth. We also posted the job on The Gospel Coalition website, an association of churches we often affiliate with.


We must tell you that you are an attractive congregation to many. It has been so encouraging to see the resumes and letters of pastors that want to lead a church like ours. But also, it is sad to hear some of the problematic stories of churches some of these men are coming from. It has been a joy but often a weight to carry to care for these pastors as best we can, even when we have to tell them they wouldn’t fit this position.


We’ve reviewed resumes and websites. We’ve watched their sermons online. We’ve done phone and Zoom interviews. We’ve shared lots of written communications. We’ve sent and received back several lengthy questionnaires.


It has been a full summer. We are encouraged!


One applicant, in particular, has gotten our attention above others. While we are still in the process with a couple of others, we are bringing one person to interview with the discernment team later this month. He won’t be preaching or interacting with the whole church at this point.


Many unknown factors remain in this process. We require your prayers as we take each step along the way. We aren’t looking to host a beauty contest where we parade a bunch of candidates before the team or the entire congregation. We are trying to evaluate broadly but also give any single candidate the time and attention necessary. We continue to ask the Lord to direct our steps as we evaluate gifting, passion, fit, and long-term impact for God’s glory and Kossuth’s good.


Overall, we want to assure you we aren’t just looking for the man that Kossuth needs now but the man that God has to serve among us at Kossuth for many years to come. Please continue to pray with and for all of us in this process God has ordained for us.