Midweek Miracles

by Will Peycke


Somehow it’s that time of year again: Midweek kickoff night is less than two weeks away! 

“Midweek” is our Wednesday night youth and children’s ministry. Just last night, our team of Midweek leaders met to pray and prepare. (If you are interested in joining, we still have room for a couple more on the team!) Kickoff night is coming up on September 28, and we want to be ready.

I shared in a Connection Hour class a few weeks ago about last year’s Midweek kickoff night. We had interacted with a handful of neighborhood kids over the summer in different ways and had invited them to Midweek. We were praying for at least some of them to come but didn’t know if they would or not.

On the first night of Midweek, the 6:30 start time came and went… with no neighborhood kids. It was disappointing. We had asked God for something good, and it seemed like he hadn’t come through. But then, about 6:45, I walked back into the foyer to see two new faces! A few minutes later, another showed up, and then another, and another. By the end of the evening, nine kids from the Kossuth neighborhood had come to Midweek! 

And they kept coming. And inviting more friends! Our 3rd-5th grade group had a different feel with over half of the kids being brand new to church, the Bible, and Jesus. Talk about gospel opportunities! 

As soon as school let out, most of those kids disappeared for the summer due to split family situations, moving, or other family issues. But now that school is back in session, we’ve seen a few of them around the neighborhood again. Would you pray with us for the privilege of continuing to build relationships and share Jesus with them on Wednesday nights? 

Midweek is a gospel opportunity in other ways as well. Here are five ways you can pray for more “Midweek miracles” this fall: 


  1. Pray for neighborhood kids to come! 
  2. Pray for God to reveal himself to kids through his word (1 Samuel 3:21).
  3. Pray for Midweek to be a family discipleship opportunity as parents help their kids to memorize God’s words and explain to them what those words mean.
  4. Pray for Midweek to be a family outreach opportunity as kids invite their own neighbors and classmates.
  5. Pray for Midweek leaders to demonstrate God’s love in their words and actions. 


Thank you in advance to the 34 volunteers who are serving on the Midweek team for making this ministry possible! Again, if you would like to join the team, it’s not too late—we'd love to have you on board. 


But most of all, thank you for praying! We can plant the seeds, but only God makes them grow.