He said no, but...

by Mikel Berger

There’s a bit of hiring going on in my world lately. I’ve reviewed a lot of resumes. I’ve done a few phone screens. My first in-person interview will be here in about an hour. If you’ve ever been part of a hiring process, you know you have to make a lot of quick decisions with fairly minimal amounts of information. If I review a resume and I don’t think this person is the best candidate for a job, I can literally click one button and they will receive a polite, but super generic message informing them they aren’t permitted to continue on in the process.

I’m so glad that our heavenly father isn’t like me when I’m hiring someone for an open position. When we desire a good and godly thing, He might say not yet or even no, like I do. But He never is done with us, His children. He knows much more about us than I know about a candidate from a 2 minute review of their resume. He also knows what we actually need to be is more like Him.

In Paul’s sermon from last Sunday, I was struck by Jesus’ response to the man whom he had just relieved of being possessed by multiple demons. The man said he wanted to be with Jesus. He wanted to be a disciple. The ESV translated it as begging. Jesus told him no. Jesus did not permit him. The man was begging and Jesus said no! Seems hard to believe Jesus could do something that appears to be so callous and cruel.

As is often the case in Scripture, there’s a very crucial conjunction that follows that denial. But. Jesus had another plan for the man. He told him to stay amongst the people he knows. Jesus knew what the man needed. More importantly, Jesus knew what would bring the most glory to Him and through Him to the Father.

If you’re struggling with that God has for you next, I encourage you to give a listen (again) to Paul’s sermon and read the passage.

From Madness to Mercy

Mark 5:1-20

January 5, 2020

To what has God recently said no or not yet in your life? Are you focused on that? Or are you focused on what comes next that He is pointing you towards? If you don’t know what that next thing is, I encourage you to pray, read your Scriptures, and have a conversation with a spiritually mature person in your life. Myself or one of the other elders would be glad to chat.