Elder Updates (October 2018)

by Abraham Cremeens

It is now October 11, 2018. Wasn’t it just January 1st a week ago?! That’s how it feels, anyway. Things are going by way too fast, and yet we have seen God’s faithfulness to us again and again throughout this year.

This past Sunday, I took the opportunity at our Family Gathering to look back a bit over 2018. We have experienced a lot of things worth celebrating this year, and we also acknowledged some heartaches. I realize 2018 has almost come and gone. Where does that leave us? I think we are in a good spot as a church family, and here is why…

I am encouraged by the kind of church family we are and that we are becoming. I’m speaking to your character, your heart for God and for people, the sacrifices you make day in and day out to be like Jesus in this world. I’m encouraged by you, and that has only increased in 2018. 

I am also grateful that our church family is growing. Seventeen individuals have joined Kossuth as new members so far this year, and I keep seeing new faces on Sunday mornings. That is good news. I’m excited for each new person that becomes a part of this family. God is taking care of us in so many ways. This is a good season for us.

Other highlights from 2018 for me include the pleasure of adding Will Peycke as an elder, the health of our elder team as a whole, and the greater clarity of where we are going as a church. These are good days for us.

If what I have said so far serves as a “back view” of where we’ve been, I am also encouraged by the “front view” of what is ahead as 2018 continues. I am excited about what we have to look forward to and want to highlight two anticipations in particular.

First, I want to ask you to mark your calendars for November 18. The elder team has been evaluating events over the last year as well as our own team dynamics. In that process, we have interacted with a man by the name of Paul Cornwell. He specializes in communication, reconciliation, and conflict management. He has been such a help to us as a team that we have determined to invite him to Kossuth for a day to help us as a church family to grow in these areas.

Think about it: You have friendships and coworkers. You are part of a family. You may be married with children of your own. You serve on or even lead a ministry team. What is the common denominator in each of these? Relationships. We interact with others on a daily basis and, since we are all sinners, that often means there can be tension or even relational brokenness. Paul Cornwell will equip us in how to walk through conflict with others whether it is mild or severe. He will utilize both the Connection Hour and the corporate gathering on November 18. We plan to then cater in a lunch and host a seminar that he will lead that afternoon. Please plan to be a part of this important equipping event.

Second, I am pleased with the steps in our hiring process so far. At this point, we have identified three men with whom we are interacting this week via Skype. This will be a second interaction with each of them, and they are all quality men. We will continue to keep you updated. We look forward to eventually bringing candidates in for onsite interviews. Please continue to pray as God brings someone to be a part of our church family and leadership team.

As I close, I am inclined to point us to our awesome God. Just this morning, my personal Bible reading reminded me of who God is and what he is like. In Genesis 22, he is called, “The LORD will Provide.” The year of 2018 has shown us that God does in fact provide. I know without a shadow of a doubt that he will continue to do so.