Do Something

by Mikel Berger

Orphan care is on my mind a lot lately. I was not an orphan as a child. My wife, Jessica and I, have never adopted or fostered a child. Why for the last decade or so has it been on my mind and not left it? I think because the care of orphans is on the mind of God. I’m made in his image and in the last ten years, he has done a lot to conform me further into that image. So as that happens orphan care is a logical part of that. Ask a few fellow believers you know and see if they don’t say the same thing. Look at yourself. You might not think orphan care comes across your radar a lot. That’s because a lot of orphan care stuff doesn’t look like holding babies or working in the foster care system, as important as both of those things are. 

Here are three things you can be praying about and get involved in related to orphan care that might not look like it at first glance. 

  1. Tonya Small is back in the Lafayette area. Tonya is a member of Kossuth and is our sent missionary to serve orphans in South Africa at Bethesda Outreach Ministries. She has served faithfully for 11 years and is home for her first sabbatical in that time until Christmas. Pray for Tonya to rest, reconnect with her sending church (that’s us!), and learn what God might have in store for her as she returns to Bethesda in January 2019 but into some new roles and responsibilities doing different things but still in orphan care. Get involved by introducing yourself on a Sunday morning. 
  2. Daryl Starr and I head to South Africa in a few weeks for Bethesda board of Directors meetings. Pray for our travels and the meetings. Bethesda faces many exciting opportunities but along with those come many challenges. Pray for the Americans, South Africans, and Zambians that have come together as the global body of Christ to serve orphans. Get involved by asking us how the meetings went when we return and signup for the newsletter at
  3. For five weeks starting on November 18 during the Sunday morning Connection Hour, I will be leading a short course on orphan care and Kossuth. More of a workshop than a class, I invite all of those involved with orphan care in any way and those interested in learning more to join a conversation about very practical things we can do to do orphan care in a God-honoring way right here in our city and around the globe. Pray for this group and about if you should join us. Get involved by emailing me to get more details at

Just a few things. Fairly simple. But also really powerful. Do something.