Church Life [re]defined

by Abraham Cremeens

Church life is essential to the Christian life. God did not call us to walk with him alone but together as his people. However, we often find inconsistencies and misconceptions regarding life as a church family. 

Churches form habits just as readily as individuals. Habits are a good thing but if not watched we can lose sight of why we do what we do. For instance, have you wondered why we announce a page number for the sermon passage? Why do we pass around plates to collect the offering? Why don’t we dim the lights? Why do we start our worship gathering at 10:30a? Why do we only have one worship gathering instead of two?

I could keep going. Asking why we announce Bible page numbers is one question, but asking why we believe the Bible at all is entirely another question. Yet, all across the spectrum, from superficial to serious, we can forget why we do what we do and how to do it right according to Scripture.

For this reason, it is essential for a healthy church to look under the hood from time to time for a check-up. This Sunday we launch a four week series called [re]defined to help us explore four topics related to church life. We will define these areas again for ourselves from the Scriptures and realign as needed. To be clear, this is not because we think our enlightened and cultured minds can now “reinterpret” God’s Word and adjust it. No, God’s Word is full of timeless truths. The issue is not the Word of God but the people of God. It is we who can fail over time to truly understand what God said and how to apply it. This series serves as the opportunity to gain clarity as we function more biblically as his church.

While there are multiple topics worth considering, we will target these four:

March 8       We are God’s people

March 15     We are accountable

March 22     We are generous

March 29     We are purposeful

This Sunday, we will invest time in 1 Peter 2:4-10 and [re]define our identity as God’s people. We start here because the other three topics flow from this one. We can only rightly obey God as we understand who we are in Christ. Our doing must always come from our being.

Then, as the people of God, we hold one another accountable. Church discipline from start to finish is essential for a healthy church because such a practice is the commitment of God’s people to help one another keep their promises to God.

As the people of God, we also give generously to the work of God. Whether collected in offering plates or contributed online, we give to God’s work from what he has given to us.

As the people of God, we are purposeful in our relationships with one another. We aim with every ministry and conversation to help one another become mature in Christ.

Please join us these next four Sundays as we lift up the hood, take a look, and realign as we [re]define our perspective and practice according to God’s Word.