by Abraham Cremeens

This past Sunday, Drew Humphrey announced his resignation as one of the pastors of our church. That was heavy news to receive, and you are probably still digesting that information. ​​​​​​​(If you were not here last Sunday and would like a copy of Drew's resignation letter, please contact the church office at or 765-448-1620). 

I have been greatly encouraged by your loving and caring response to the Humphreys in this time of transition for them. Along with all of you, I greatly appreciate Drew and Elizabeth. They have both had a significant impact on me, on us, in this city, and around the globe. Drew’s preaching will be deeply missed. Yet, at the same time, the impact of his ministry will carry on for years to come.

As we enter this season of transition as a church, I’ve been reflecting on what will change for our church--and what won’t change. Any leadership transition involves change. Drew’s influence and impact have been significant. He has effectively ministered to us over several years. With Drew stepping out of his role, some things will certainly look different moving forward.

So, what is next for our church?

The elder team is viewing the next steps for our church in two categories: Short Term and Long Term. In the Short Term, I will carry the load of preaching and incorporate the help of other elders and staff, most notably Paul Briggs and Will Peycke. We will begin a three week series in Romans that takes us through Resurrection Sunday. I cannot think of a better way to step into this transition than to be refreshed by the gospel of Jesus Christ and worship him.  

After that, we will hone in on the foundations of a healthy church in the book of Titus. Three areas of particular focus will be the role of biblical leadership, the pursuit of sound doctrine, and the outcome of godly living. Seasons of transition and change call us to take an honest look at who we are and who we are becoming. I believe God will use Titus to serve us well in this pursuit.

Since I will be investing more time in preaching, Phil Mummert has graciously agreed to oversee worship in this short-term stage. I’m looking forward to his ministry during this time. Other areas where Drew was heavily involved, such as communications, missions, and membership, are being transitioned to other elders, deacons and staff.

The elder team has already begun discussing the Long Term as well, but as you can appreciate, that will take some time to do well. We anticipate adding staff and will aggressively pursue the beginning of that process next month. Our first goal will be to understand the strengths, gifts, and passions of our pastoral and leadership team. This will help us discern the needs and desires we have and determine the type of role we need to fill. Our goal is to develop a job description by the end of May and begin a search process this summer.

These are significant changes. But what won’t change is even more significant.

Over these last few weeks, I am finding my hope in the fact that God has not changed. He is unchanging, and so is his care for us. He is the same God as he has always been, and we will continue to gather to worship him.

The gospel has not changed. We have the same Scriptures as we have always had, and we will continue to grow as we invest in his Word.

Our mission has not changed. We continue to advance the same mission as we scatter with the gospel in this city and around the world.

In short, we have the same God, the same Scriptures, and the same mission. That which is most important has not changed--and it never will. We will continue in every way to Gather, Grow, and Scatter to the glory of God and the good of his church.

So yes, some things at Kossuth will change. But the most important things will not change because we belong to an unchanging God. He has established good plans for us. God has been faithful to every generation of his Church and has used every circumstance to work good for her. During this season of transition at Kossuth, it’s good to know that will never change.