by Abraham Cremeens

Did you know that God likes a good party? God gave us celebrations and the reasons for them. In fact, in the Old Covenant law, God gave instructions for his people to celebrate three different feasts. Related to one of those, the Feast of Booths, God said, “You shall celebrate it as a feast to the Lord for seven days in the year. It is a statute forever throughout your generations; you shall celebrate it in the seventh month” (Leviticus 23:41).
As the New Covenant people of God, we also have many reasons to celebrate. For instance, in about a week we will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ along with Christians all around the globe. That is a good reason for a party.
In light of that, we want to launch a new sermon series called Celebrations: Christ and His Church. We are entering into a unique few weeks of our calendar year, and it is time for a party or even a few of them.
First and foremost we want to celebrate Jesus Christ. April 14 (Palm Sunday) and April 21 (Resurrection Sunday) are explicit opportunities to celebrate Christ and his gospel. We will focus on what some refer to as “The Christ Hymns” of Philippians 2:6-11 and Colossians 1:15-20. Many scholars believe these were hymns sung by the early church in worship gatherings. These passages brim over with praise for the person and work of Jesus Christ. We will preach and study both passages when we come together to celebrate the climax of God’s work in our Christian calendar.
Second, yet related, we as a church are also coming to a special point in our history as we celebrate 75 years of existence. God saw fit to birth Kossuth Street Baptist Church on May 12, 1944. A few individuals looked at a building on 2901 Kossuth Street, previously a bar, and saw an opportunity to glorify God in planting a church there. A lot has happened in these many decades, but God continues to work in and through our church family. This is no small matter and is again something to celebrate.
As in all things, we look to God’s Word to guide us in how we would celebrate such an event. On April 28, we will preach and study Ephesians 1:3-14. In this passage, an important phrase shows up multiple times: “to the praise of his glory.” When we think about our history, it serves as an opportunity to ask again, “Why do we exist?” Ephesians 1 tells us that we exist for God’s glory. That was true in 1944 and that is still true in 2019. Lord willing, it will still be true in 2094.
On May 5, we will preach and study Ephesians 2:1-10 as a reminder that we still preach the same Gospel: that God came into this world to save sinners through Jesus Christ. It is a privilege to continue that legacy.
These are important days for us. It is time to celebrate. I hope you will join us because God likes a good celebration and so do we.
Worship Gatherings

Palm Sunday – 10:30am in the Auditorium.

Good Friday – 6:00pm in the Auditorium.

Resurrection Sunday – 10:30am in the Auditorium (no 9:15 Connection Hour).

Anniversary Celebrations

Please see www.ksbc.net/anniversary for details.