Answered Prayers Are Promises Kept

by Daryl Starr


The Bible commands us to join the proclamation of Jesus Christ. We are to proclaim the gospel to every people group (ethne.) We are to work with others to gather disciples into indigenous, reproducing churches. This is done so that God will be glorified and the people blessed. I like to think of heaven like a band with each ethne playing a different instrument, in harmony, for His glory. Let us praise him!  The mission team mobilizes the body of KSBC to value the mission, send missionaries, and support missionaries. How are we doing? 


(Mt 28:18-20; Hab 2:14; Rev 7:9-12; Gen 12:1-3; Acts 14:23; 15:41; 20:17-35).


Value the mission

We intend to help the congregation learn about, grow in, and commit to what our Great Commission is as followers of Jesus Christ—and why it matters! Jesus promises that he will return when every ethne worships him. Are we eagerly seeking his return? Or are we in love with this world as it is? Our congregation and elders are heating up. God is at work. Lives are being restored. Praise him, all. 


Send missionaries

Everyone in the congregation is called to the Great Commission  Therefore, we encourage everyone to become actively involved in missions. We invite people into short, focused experiences that move to life commitments. You may become a learner, intercessor, sender, welcomer, mobilizer, or goer.  What you cannot do is call yourself a follower and not join the mission. 


(Lk 24:33-39; Mt 16:18-19; 3 Jn 1:5-8; 1 Co 12:12, Pr 29:18; Col 4:18; 1 Co 14:8)


Support missionaries

As a team, we will evaluate our current partnerships and help establish new partnerships. We prayed for God to bring us preachers we could help to send, deacons and healthy church members from churches we love. We asked God for them to have a clear heart for the unreached. We asked God for them to be in love with cultures and people in areas of the world where we too had a history and love—and where we already had partners. We also asked God to reveal new people groups for us to consider as a result of relationships with missionary candidates. God showed up in a big way. And, frankly, not every viable candidate is being presented this year. God is so good! We know he has much more in store for our church. 


I am excited to share three new candidates for partnership: Christopher and Iris, Nathan and Jackie , and Josiah and Vivian. These three candidates are proposed for new, monthly support beginning in the 2023 budget. We pray that the congregation will get to know more about each as we share more details in the coming weeks and months. We are praying for deep, long-lasting partnerships that transform entire people groups through your prayers and financial support. 


Christopher is being sent by their primary sending church to proclaim the gospel in Asia through an association of healthy churches there. Several of you may remember Christopher. He was a member at KSBC back in 2013-2018 while completing his engineering degree at Purdue. He did several internships  and mission trips and opted to conduct a pastoral internship after Purdue. He met Iris during his internship and gave her a ride to campus immediately after arriving from Asia, where she was born and raised.


Nathan is being sent by College Park Indianapolis to proclaim the gospel to the Thailand people through a church plant with his brother Micah. Nathan grew up in West Africa and met his wife, Jackie, while his parents were on furlough in Brownsburg, IN. He has studied and worked at Liberty University and then served and taught at Forest Baptist Church in Virginia. He will be sharing during our Connection Hour at 9:15 am on Sunday, October 30. 


Josiah was sent by Tri County church in Rensselaer to proclaim the gospel to the Taiwanese and Chinese people through a college ministry called SYME. College-age students move to SYME for two-month blocks (with several repeating for longer) to learn English as a second language through study of the Bible, chapel, and more. Josiah's wife, Vivian, is Taiwanese. His parents are members of KSBC. Jo and Vivian were around a lot this summer and just recently traveled back to Taiwan. During this time here, our heart for their ministry grew as did our vision for how we could partner with them with our time, our people, and our resources also expanded. 


While we prayed for new candidates that would increase our proportion of resources allocated to the most unreached, we also asked God to show us how to financially support these changes. God has also changed partnerships over the past year. Here are a few highlights: 


Charlie & Ruth Patton, Sr. retired after 40+ years. Whoa! God is so good. Faithful servants.

Charlie & Rachel Armstrong returned from the field after having a huge impact on KSBC and the Middle East. Keep up prayers for them. Financially they are on solid ground, faith intact. 

Sam Hornbrook is moving to Lafayette to open up a hispanic church with Faith Church. What? That’s right, folks. Far is coming near. 

Ryan & Kristen V returned to the field. Keep praying for them and their new field of ministry.


Our celebration with Charlie & Ruth last week was an unofficial kick off for Mission Emphasis week, which spans two Sundays. Come out to Connection Hour, 9:15am this Sunday, October 23, for the official kickoff. Cathi Ortiz has coordinated many different foods from around the world. She is also on a mission to place Barnabas team leaders with each missionary. I plan to share more about God’s answers to prayer. 


Many thanks also to the congregation for interacting with me and other Mission Team members over the last year. We could not do this without help from the entire church family. Special thanks to Darrin Wilcoxson, too, who retired from the Mission Team after numerous years of service on the team and throughout our church. His impact reverberates through our meetings. Special thanks also to Ryan Koehlinger who is moving from KSBC, Crosswalk, and the Mission Team to pastor a church on the southside of Indianapolis. Go, Ryan! His impact on our intake systems is profound. 


Please welcome Cathi Ortiz to the Mission Team! She took Darrin’s role as the Barnabas Team Leader. This is a "leader of leaders" position. She is excited to get people paired up with each and every missionary. We also have an opening or two on the mission team available. One slot is aimed at Missionary Development (help manage our inbound pipeline processes). Another role is open for Special Projects. I like to invite KSBC members to attend two meetings to get a feel for our rhythm and style. Then decide if it is for you or not. If it is, we ask you to commit to this ministry for 3 years. Serve by regularly attending our monthly meetings and overseeing your area of responsibility between those meetings. 


You may occasionally be asked to write a blog post, too! 


In him,


Daryl Starr, Deacon & Chairman of Mission Team 


Kossuth Street Baptist Church Mission Team:

Daryl Starr, Deacon, Chairman of Mission Team

Dean Zimmerman, Deacon, Chairman Emeritus & historian extraordinaire

Mikel Berger, Elder

Cathi Ortiz, Barnabas Team Leader

Missionary Development - Open (candidate attending meetings these next two months! Stay tuned!) 

Special Projects - Open (could be you! Email