A New Perspective

by Mikel Berger

Today, I moved offices. It wasn’t a big move. Just across the hall. I’m at the exact same desk doing the exact same work. But I have a new and fresh perspective. The move forced me to clean up some items that were no longer relevant. I’m going to be closer to my business partner for, hopefully, more effective communication. And my move freed up space for some folks on the team that need it more in the next few months. Overall, not a big deal but it will be good to give myself a fresh perspective.

When you heard about the Perspectives class that Kossuth is hosting starting in August, you might have thought it is for those who sense a calling to full-time, cross-cultural missions work. If God is stirring those kinds of questions in your mind, please sign up. But the class is also for those that just need a fresh perspective on missions.

Maybe you’ve never really considered your role in missions. And as a believer, you do have one. It is not optional. Maybe you’ve been in your current role for a while and you need to be encouraged to continue on.

Or maybe you are at a season in life where you’re switching roles. Maybe God is calling you to step forward and be more active. Or maybe even he is pulling you back and calling you into a season of rest and reflection.

Regardless, you can expect to be challenged and changed by the Perspectives class. That change will happen both in your individual life but also in the shared life of our body as a large number of our people participate together. 

Our current global partners are a treasure trove of insight into what God is doing globally. Perspectives will help us as a church be better partners with them. I’m also very excited about some changes coming as we pray for new folks to partner with globally. We have an obligation to current and future partners to continue to grow in our ability to send and support. Join me. Join us. Sign up by August 8 for early bird pricing.