Advent: Responses




What makes Christmas Christmas? Can a pandemic thwart advent? Can a virus cancel Christmas?  Look at Jesus. His incomparable glory is inherent to himself. Nothing can cause it to fluctuate or fade. Christ transcends circumtances in the world. The incarnation shows Christ on the initiative, born to set his people free from their sins. Nothing was in his way then and nothing is in his way now. We have Christ the King and he literally is Christmas. In this series, we will look at specific responses to Jesus in an attemp to align accordingly and be transformed through the Spirit.

Advent: Mary's Response

Luke 1:46-55

Abraham Cremeens

November 29, 2020

God was kind to utilize Mary in his grand redemptive plan and the incarnation. In her overwhelming response, she broke out into praise. This reminds God's people of every generation to celebrate this pivotal event in salvation history and prasie God for his kindness toward them in Christ. Such a mindset of prasie must drive every holiday season and transcend any circumstance.

Advent: Zechariah's Response

Luke 1:68-79

Paul Briggs

December 6, 2020

What came out of Zechariah’s mouth when his tongue was loosed and liberated was a message of hope in the coming of the Savior who was promised since humanity turned their back on their Creator.  This hopeful message of the future coming of the Savior is communicated with such confidence that it is as if it had already occurred!  That is what biblical hope is what can be fully counted if it had already happened.  Because of the faithfulness of our Creator God who provided salvation for His people! 

Advent: Simeon's Response

Luke 2:25-35

Gami Ortiz

December 13, 2020

The Holy Spirit revealed to Simeon that he would not die until he had seen the Christ. So he waited... and when he saw Jesus, he was satisfied. Though he didn’t see Jesus grow up, crucified, or rise again, he was still positioned to be satisfied in what God had done. Simeon’s position for satisfaction came from what Luke briefly describes as a life of devotion to God. Luke’s inclusion of Simeon reminds us to position ourselves to be completely satisfied in Christ this Advent season.

Advent: Anna's Response

Luke 2:36-38

Will Peycke

December 20, 2020

Anna is probably the least-known character in the Christmas story, but she embodies the joy of Christmas. Anna responds to suffering with prayerful worship and waiting. As a result, she responds to redemption with joyful thanksgiving and praise. Her years of prayerful worship were the fuel for her joy. Like Anna, our joy is fueled by a life of prayerful worship and waiting.