These sermons are not part of any of our regular preaching series.

A Lament for 2017

Psalm 79

December 31, 2017

Pastor Drew Humphrey


As we wrap up another year, we may want to wax nostalgic as we look back at all the fond memories we've collected. Or perhaps we want to focus on the good intentions we have for the year ahead. But although these can be perfectly appropriate, we need to make sure we don't overlook the bad stuff. Life isn't pure bliss, and so in order to come to terms with suffering, hurts, and disappointment, we need to make sure that we're fluent in the language of lament.


Ask Your Father Anything

James 4:2-3; John 16:23-24

September 3, 2017

Will Peycke

We tend to view the world as divided between the visible/material and the invisible/spiritual. As a result, there are areas of life we tend not to pray about. But the reality is that all of it is God's. He is both infinite, sovereign over the universe, and also personal, intimately involved in the details of my life. The infinite God of the universe is concerned about me! So I really can ask him anything.

Loving Assurance

1 John 3:11-24

July 2, 2017

Stephen Weinkauf

Not knowing if we truly abide in God can be frustrating and hindering to the Christian's walk. John gives us a lot of help here saying that if we love our brothers we can know that we abide in God. He then gives us very good examples of what love does not look like (worldly hate) and what does love look like (from Christ).

A Prayer for the New Year

Ephesians 1:17-21

January 1, 2017

Pastor Drew Humphrey

If there’s one thing we can know about the year ahead, it’s that we have no idea what to expect. From our vantage point, 2017 is full of uncertainty. So in light of the unknown horizon ahead of us, it’s only fitting that we spend our first Sunday of the year prayerfully seeking God—the only one who does know what lies ahead this year—for his provision in this new chapter of our lives.

Missions in a Hostile World

Romans 5:6-11

October 16, 2016

Pastor Drew Humphrey

Understanding that we live in a culture that harbors deep suspicions toward others, we as Christians need to live in the realization that our reconciling God has called us to a reconciling ministry. God has brought his own enemies (us) into a right relationship with him through Jesus Christ, and he has sent us as ambassadors of that reconciliation. This means that our attitude toward others should bear the marks of the gospel more than our cultural fears or prejudices, leading us to embrace a lifestyle of loving engagement rather than fearful withdrawal.

The Blessed Forgiven

Psalm 32

July 3, 2016

Paul Briggs

Psalm 32 is a psalm of instruction about something every human being needs:  forgiveness of sin. Written by David, this Psalm addresses the question for which every human wants and needs an answer:  How to find true happiness.  The many resulting blessings of having sins forgiven and trusting in the LORD are motive for gladness and rejoicing.

A Theology of Family

Deuteronomy 6:4-7

June 19, 2016

Will Peycke

What is the purpose of family? What is the purpose of parenting? How we answer these questions forms the foundation of our theology of family. “Family” is God’s idea—he created and designed it! If we want to know the purpose of the family, we need to ask the one who made “family” in the first place. Deuteronomy 6 reveals that God created families to be discipleship centers where parents impress the hearts of children with a love for God.

Free from All, Servant to All

1 Corinthians 9:19-23

October 18, 2015

Pastor Drew Humphrey

Embracing the global call of the gospel will require us to navigate cultural obstacles. But how do we do that? The apostle Paul gives us a theological foundation in 1 Corinthians 9, by showing us that in Christ our freedom from the opinions and expectations of others is meant to liberate us to become servants to anyone and everyone who need Christ. Just as Paul became all things to all people, we can enter the worlds of other people, rather than expecting them to enter into ours.

God and Country

Daniel 7:13-14

July 5, 2015

Pastor Drew Humphrey

What is the proper relationship between God and country? In America, we’re familiar with this question, but our answers for it rarely measure up to the biblical standard. In this special sermon on July 4 weekend, however, we will consider the truth that all nations have an inherent relationship with God, a relationship of subordination and service. It doesn’t matter how great or small a nation may be, its ultimate purpose is to serve King Jesus.