In Titus, we find the fundamentals of a healthy church. God is clear that, for a church to thrive, she must have biblical leadership, a growing understanding of God’s Word, and a pursuit of godly living. These three overlap and are interconnected. If you take away one the ship begins to sink. This study will help us as a church as we move forward into this new season of fruitful ministry.

Firmly Rooted in Purpose

Titus 1:1-4

Pastor Abraham Cremeens

April 8, 2018


It’s easy to find ourselves in the mundane of church life and lose a sense of why we do what we do. Titus helps us see what a healthy church looks like. The opening four verses help us see why that is important. God is doing his work in and through his church to change the world. The church brings about that change by (1) pointing people to faith in Christ, (2) serving as a center for transformation, and (3) serving as a haven of hope.

Firmly Rooted Leadership

Titus 1:5-9

Pastor Paul Briggs

April 15, 2018


In his gracious and merciful providence, God has designed for there to be order in his church through recognized leaders. These leaders are to have specific life-qualities. The elder is to have his house in order. His life is to be further characterized by qualities of life which reflect a sound understanding and practice of the Gospel. These things must be in place so that he can carry out the function of a biblical leader. There is great benefit for the church member who, in obedience to God, lives under the leadership of those he has raised up to lead, feed and protect his church.


Biblical Leadership

Titus 1:9-16

Pastor Abraham Cremeens

April 22, 2018


Elders, and all spiritual leaders, are effective only in as much as they are anchored in God’s Word. To that end, biblical leadership must be devoted to God’s Word, committed to biblical correction, and focused on the heart. All three of these are interconnected and flow out of the Scriptures.