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    The role of youth and family ministry at KSBC is to advance the mission of our church within the particular context of teenagers and their parents. We believe we do this best when we function as a family-equipping ministry. We strive to equip families by calling teenagers to embrace a gospel-centered life, calling the church to embrace intergenerational discipleship, and calling parents to embrace spiritual leadership in the home.
    In pursuit of these objectives, we enthusiastically adhere to the following core values:

    1. Biblical view of teenagers. Rather than allowing our understanding of teenagers to be informed by the culture, we view teenagers from the perspective of Scripture. This involves treating them with respect and honor, holding them to high expectations, emphasizing their need for the gospel, and relating to them within the context of parental authority.

    2. Submission to God's design for families. We uphold and affirm the unique role of the family within the redemptive purposes of God. The family is not primarily a sociological community, but a theological community, intended to bring glory to God through the advance of the gospel to future generations.

    3. Love for the local church. We desire to see students grow in their connection to their church and their love for God’s people. Rather than withdrawing from the church, we pursue integration with the family of faith through intergenerational worship and ministry.

    4. Commitment to discipleship and evangelism. The primary purpose of our ministry to teenagers is to call unbelieving students to embrace the gospel and to call believing students to grow in their faith and love. 

    5. Partnership with parents. We do not wish either to replace parents (by assuming ownership of their children’s spiritual development) or to abandon parents (by withdrawing ourselves from the lives of their children). Instead, we partner with parents and assist them in the task that God has given to them.
    Director of Family Ministry
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