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    Guiding Principles

    Biblical Mandate: As a part of God's universal church, KSBC is commanded to join in the effort to proclaim the Gospel among every people (ethne), gathering disciples into indigenous, reproducing churches, so that God will be glorified and people will be blessed.

    Purpose: The KSBC missions team exists to mobilize the body of KSBC to (1) value and experience missions, and (2) send and support missionaries--so that people from every tribe, language, people, and nation can have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

    The Missions Team

    The Kossuth missions team consists of:
    • Carol Bolander
    • Cally Burnside
    • Nancy Montague
    • Darrin Wilcoxson
    • Dean Zimmerman (Chairman)
    A partial list of missionaries whom we support is found on the right. Or, if you'd like, you can use the map below. This list will be expanded in the future as we add information from more of our missionaries.

    Guiding Documents

    Our efforts toward fulfilling the Great Commission are guided by the following documents. They have been developed in order to make our missions work more consistently biblical, purposeful, and effective.

    Mission Guidance and Strategy: This document serves to guide the efforts of the missions team and the church as a whole by laying out our understanding of the Great Commission, as well as the core purpose and major functions of the missions team. It also articulates a focused strategy for our current efforts. As the state of world missions changes, and as God leads us in specific ways, this strategy will necessarily be periodically revised and refined. View the Mission Guidance and Strategy document.

    Career Missionary Policy: This document explains how Kossuth will develop, send, and support its own members for missionary service, as well as evaluate potential partnerships with missionaries sent by other churches. View the Career Missionary Policy document.

    In-House Missionary Policy: This document details the policies for Kossuth’s administrative oversight for a limited number of missionaries serving locally. View the In-House Missionary Policy document.

    Missions Team Structure and Operations Policy: This document explains how our Missions Team operates, including protocols for assigning roles and making decisions in the team. View the Missions Team Structure and Operations Policy document.

    (Click to view a larger map with a list of missionaries)
    Charlie & Ruth Patton Blank Page
    Charlie & Ruth Patton Missionaries to West Brazil Agency: New Tribes Mission Year began service: 1982 Ministry: Charlie and Ruth transferred fields from Papua New Guinea to West Brazil, late in... More
    Eric & Cheryl Elmer Blank Page
    Eric & Cheryl Elmer Agency: Bibles International Year began service: 1970 Ministry: Coordinating Bibles International translation projects in Asia and the pacific. Involved in research of people... More
    Mike & Michelle Freeze Blank Page
    Mike & Michelle Freeze Missionaries to Cambodia Agency: Baptist Mid-Missions Year began service: 1998 Ministry: Church planting and disciple making in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Background: Mike... More
    Sam & Jamie Hornbrook Blank Page
    Sam & Jamie Hornbrook Missionaries to Mexico Agency: Baptist Mid-Missions Year began service: 1984 Ministry: Church planting teaching at a Bible college in Mexico. Background: Sam was born and... More
    Marty & Brenda Dittmar Blank Page
    Marty & Brenda Dittmar Missionaries to Purdue University Agency: Fellowship of Christian Athletes Year began service: 1984 Ministry: Providing spiritual leadership to college athletes as team... More
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