Why You Should Consider CROSS

Guest post by David Wilson

CROSS is a missions conference for young adults to be held January 2-5, 2019 in Louisville, KY. Accodring to their website, “CROSS exists to see our generation live for the most loving cause in the universe: bringing people from every tribe, tongue, and nation into the everlasting joy of knowing and worshiping Jesus.” In this blog post, I’ve compiled quotes from some current and former Kossuth members who have previously attended CROSS. Hear from them and be encouraged as they share their experiences and recommendations. When you are done reading, you can register to attend the conference through Kossuth.


I have never been so encouraged and impassioned to do the Father’s work as I was after spending time not only under the focused and on-point teachings of the pastors and leaders at CROSS, but especially with other young believers looking to understand what God is doing in the world. No matter where you see yourself in ten years, there is something for you to learn from this conference and from the people gathered there. It is 100% worth whatever it takes to get you there!

Lydia DeMoss


Cross Conference was a beautiful time to grow in my understanding of the real-life application of the gospel, the product of which fuels my worship, which fuels my passion for global missions. My heart was enriched with the diverse perspectives provided at the conference, particularly John Piper's sermon on the role of the Holy Spirit. I heartily encourage all to attend!
Heather Glenn


When I attended the first CROSS Conference in 2013, I was blown away. I heard the Good News preached boldly and with clarity, and I learned how this Good News is to be spread across the whole world, to the praise of God’s glorious grace! Veteran missionaries shared the hardships and the joys of long-term, cross-cultural “going”. And those called to “stay” told us how they support their friends who go and glorify God in their current neighborhoods and cities. I am looking forward to CROSS 2019, expecting God to do big things in the lives of those who attend!
Chad Lawrence


I enjoyed many things about CROSS.  First, the rare privilege to spend time with others who have a concern for the nations, and who are exploring what that means for them. Second, to receive inspiration and guidance from the Scriptures about God's promises about the nations. Third, the time spent in earnest prayer together during CROSS. Fourth, the surprising encouragement from the Holy Spirit to keep pursuing God's plans for my life.


Christians are commanded in Scripture to take the gospel to every tribe, tongue, and nation of the world. And yet, over three billion people are living with no access to the Bible; they could not learn about Jesus even if they wanted to. Come to the CROSS conference to learn what it will take for these people to be reached and how you can be a part of that happening. We all have a role to play, and CROSS is a great next step in discovering yours.
Aaron S.


My impression of CROSS was that it was profoundly Biblical. Hearing many great teachers of the Bible caused my friends and me to have deep conversations about what the Scriptures teach about many things, including what we should do with our lives. CROSS helped shape my view about God’s call on my life: how I can best serve Him in the years to come.
Andrew Swinehart


I was hesitant to attend CROSS 2016 when I was first encouraged to go. I didn't and still don't feel a particular, strong "call" to go to the mission field. BUT, I don't need a feeling to obey God.  Participating in God's plan for His people to spread the gospel (i.e., obeying His Word) isn't optional. That doesn't mean I have to become an overseas missionary, but it does mean I ought to care about and pray for and support those who have left their homes to bring the gospel far and wide, AND, that I should look for ways to share the gospel right where I am. While CROSS is a "missions conference," it's also a conference devoted to preaching the gospel and the truth of the Bible. So, even if you aren't "interested" in missions, go and listen to God's Word being preached and pray that God will teach you what He wants you to know from His Word.
Katrina Swinehart


One of the coolest aspects of Cross is the two generations of people called to missions coming together: the weathered preacher who's been out on the field for years coming for refreshment and fellowship meeting with the young person full of passion and zeal for the Lord. Overall it is a great time of encouragement for all who go. I personally am particularly excited this year to be able to meet up with those I've met here in Scotland in the States. It is a time where you can truly see the universality of the Church, and that's not something you want to miss.
Faith Wegener


I don’t feel called to be a missionary, so is CROSS for me?

David Platt


And in case you are still not convinced, John Piper has a word for you.


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