by Abraham Cremeens

I am always intrigued by the bobsled teams in the winter Olympics. A driver hunches down at the front of the sled while one or more teammates push it into motion and jump on behind. Their entire role is to create momentum to launch the sled onto the track and then allow the driver to take it from there.

I think the same principle is often true in ministry. Good opportunities often need an initial burst of time, energy, and resources to “launch.” Without a team providing this initial “push,” some great endeavors can stall and never get off of the ground. But with the right team in place, an initial burst of momentum can make an enormous impact.

As the elder team considered our options for our 2018 Year End Offering we determined that, by God’s grace, we want to help give this kind of momentum to two of our ministry partners. The idea is not to start a new work ourselves but to come alongside a project that is ready to launch and give it momentum via prayer and finances. God has put two such efforts in front of us this year—one near, one far—and I would like to remind us of the opportunity. We sent out letters to this effect near Thanksgiving so you may want to refer to that mailing as well.

Mission Near: Habitat for Humanity is renovating a home right here in our neighborhood at 305 S. 28th Street. For the last few years, we have been seeking practical ways to be a loving presence in our Kossuth neighborhood. This opportunity has landed in our laps, opening the door for us to come alongside a family in our community in a practical way. We hope to cover the estimated $20,000 needed to fund the project and also anticipate organizing a work team to help complete the renovations. It is exciting to consider how this offering could have such a significant impact. 
Mission Far: Many of you have met Tonya Small. She is one of our global partners who has worked at Bethesda Outreach in South Africa for a number of years. The Lord is leading her into a new initiative with Bethesda, and we want to be a part. Beginning in January, Tonya will be spearheading a Temporary Safe Care program that receives children out of emergency situations such as abuse, the death of parents, or other unsafe circumstances. Our own country offers a similar service. I would love to see us help this gain ground in South Africa as Tonya ministers to children in urgent need and equips churches to do the same.

In the coming Sundays, we are scheduling some face to face time during our corporate gathering with Tonya Small and John Sears to help us become more aware of these ministry endeavors. In the meantime, I ask you to pray and consider giving to these ministry efforts.

If you would like to be a part, simply designate your gift in the offering by marking it “YEO.” You can also visit to give online by December 31. Every single penny you give will be set aside to give momentum to these two opportunities.