Mission Emphasis

by Abraham Cremeens

A disciples is someone who is following Jesus, being changed by Jesus, and is committed to Jesus’ kingdom mission. [This definition] ties together the focus (Jesus), the process (being changed), and the call to lead others to become disciples with us (Jesus’ kingdom mission).

Harrington and Absolom, Discipleship that Fits

I read the above definition about a year ago, and it continues to stick with me. When I became a disciple of Jesus Christ, I made a serious commitment. So did you. This definition helps me to focus on what matters most in that commitment: (1) Follow Jesus, (2) be daily changed by Jesus, and (3) be a part of Jesus’ mission—which means making disciples.

And yet... if the above statements are so simple, then why do I have such a hard time actually following through with them? “As sparks fly upward,” it seems that we Christians can get distracted so easily. At least I know that I can.

Here is another way of looking at it. I noticed the other day that my car is pulling to the right. If I take my hands off of the steering wheel, the vehicle naturally wants to turn slightly to the side of the road. That means it is time for an alignment. This can also be true in our Christian life. Sometimes we can naturally pull toward certain opportunities (often very good ones) so much that we neglect something essential. In that respect, God has been convicting me lately of neglecting personal mission in lovingly engaging unbelievers. I need an alignment so that I am heading in the direction God wants me to be and committed to his mission as a disciplemaker.

I am excited about the next two Sundays at Kossuth because we will all refocus and realign together on some very important endeavors related to Jesus’ mission. I would encourage you to begin praying now and asking God to work in our hearts toward these efforts to refocus.

This coming Sunday (10/28), we will invest time in better understanding “Mission Far”—what God is doing around the world and how we can be a part. Kossuth has a long history of partnering globally with gospel work and gospel workers. It is a deep part of our DNA. During Connection Hour (9:15 am), the Missions Team will lead us toward better awareness in our global efforts. During our corporate gathering (10:30 am), we will hone in on our efforts in both orphan care and church planting as we hear from two of our global partners.

The following Sunday (11/4), we will focus on “Mission Near”—what God is doing right here in Lafayette and how we can be a part of that work as well. We will use the Connection Hour to hear from a few of our members and the work they are a part of. We will also raise awareness of our corporate outreach opportunities and how you might jump on board in some way. During our corporate gathering, we will invest time in God’s Word by surveying how a disciple is also a disciplemaker, which begins with advancing the Gospel among our unbelieving friends.

I am asking God to stir all of our hearts to be more on board with his mission in this world, both locally and globally. Would you join me?