Church and Family

by Mikel Berger

I write this blog post on the morning of Wednesday, January 30, 2019. According to my phone, it is currently -16 with a wind chill of -42. I have not been outside to verify those facts. Instead, I’m staying inside and spending some more time with my family than a normal Wednesday. I’ve also had emails and WhatsApp messages with Kossuth folks in Europe, South Africa, and Haiti today. Just in this short time frame and from the comfort of my living room chair, I’ve been given a reminder of how God works to show his love and to spread the good news of the saving work of his son, Jesus. He works through my family and he works through the church.

It can be described that God works through the church to spread his love broadly to every tribe, tongue, and nation. At the same time, God is working through families to spread his love deeply to the following generations. The church is the family of God. Every family of believers is a little church. The church and family is intertwined.

This Sunday during the worship service is our church’s Growing Families child commitment ceremony. Parents make a public commitment to raise their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4). The church body makes a commitment to assist the parents in that effort. The church benefits the family and a growing family benefits the church.

But it isn’t just at Kossuth that this happens. I just read a blog post from my friends and our partners in orphan care ministry, Alex and Mutinta Phiri, at Bethesda Outreach in South Africa. In the post they share a little about how family worship looks like in their home and what God is doing in their family. Our church is supporting their ministry. God is at work in their family. And then Alex and Mutinta have the opportunity to teach, share, and encourage our church.

Regardless of how many kids you have at home - and it’s probably less than the Phiris because they have 8! - I hope you’ll be at church on Sunday to worship together and affirm the parents that are making a commitment this weekend.