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    Bill Bolander Deacon (Seniors) Bill is a Christian school teacher and a father of five daughters. He’s been married to his wife Carol for 32 years, and a member of Kossuth... More
    Grant Gudeman Deacon (Membership) Grant is a district sales manager for Speciality Hybrids who has been at Kossuth since 2011. He serves as a deacon on the Membership Ministry Team.... More
    Mark Harkleroad Deacon (Building & Grounds) Mark and his wife Ashley have been married since 2010. They currently have one son Max, and they are in the process of adopting a second child. Mark... More
    Kirk Odell Deacon (Seniors) Kirk has been a member of Kossuth since 1976 and formerly taught and coached at Kossuth’s school (Highland Christian). He has been married to... More
    Chris Siebern Deacon (Technology) Chris serves as a deacon with primary responsibilities on the Tech Team. Chris first attended Kossuth as an undergraduate student after becoming a... More
    John Sprunger Deacon (Welcome) Having been a member of KSBC since 2007, John now serves as a deacon of welcoming and assimilation. He was initially drawn to this church because of... More
    Bobby Williams Deacon (Benevolence) Bobby has attended Kossuth with his family since 2004, and he became a member in 2007. He is married to Michelle and they have a daughter Hannah (11)... More
    Dean Zimmerman Deacon (Missions) Dean has been a member of KSBC for 38 years and counting. He serves the church by overseeing missions efforts and global partnerships. He loves... More